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                                 ENERGY SAVING TIPS

On the web, you'll stumble upon countless websites advocating the importance of energy conservation. They often furnish a generic list of measures you can adopt in your home to align with their recommendations.

What sets my website apart? Unlike others that regurgitate the same old energy-saving tips sourced from government websites, I bring something fresh to the table. In addition to the well-known strategies, I've uncovered and tested my own methods over the years, yielding remarkable results in my own household.

Does this warrant a purchase of my book from this website? Not necessarily. Why? It's simple: owning the book won't guarantee implementation.

Why the reluctance to implement? Because people typically favor tangible items over abstract concepts like energy conservation. This is why most energy-saving tips on other websites are freely available – attaching a price tag would likely deter interest.

Now, the crucial question: why do people invest in my energy-saving tips? It boils down to the details. On my website and in my book, I don't just offer energy-saving advice; I provide comprehensive, step-by-step guidance on implementation. What's more, I delve into detailed explanations of various ductwork installation issues pertinent to each energy-saving tip.

What's more important I give a step-by-step explanations to many ductwork installation issues related to this or to that energy saving tip!

Let’s take a look what kind of information you can get if you will purchase any of my energy saving tips:

If you implement Closing Supply Registers and Closing Cold Air Return Grills energy saving tips you will reduce your furnace cycle time! However, do not try it at home on your own! Because if you close all supply registers and all cold air return grills which you may think are unnecessary at the time, you will end up destroying your furnace or AC!
Another benefit of these chapters is that you are going to get a step-by-step guidance on how to add a floor heat and cold air return.

Programmable Thermostat: this item will increase your furnace idle time, save some gas in unexpected way and, also, in this chapter you can find important step-by-step explanations on how to install your new programmable thermostat.

Fresh Air Intake
and Combustion Air Intake, in these chapters you can find important information that is not only helpful to you on saving some energy by using fresh air and combustion air intakes only when it’s necessary, but at some point even save your and your loved ones lives! Not to mention that in those chapters you can also find step-by-step explanations on how to install these two items in your house.

Bath Fans: in this chapter, you will find out how this item reduces the furnace cycle & increase idle cycle at the same time. However, the most important part of this chapter is the step-by-step explanations telling you how you can run a bath fan exhaust through the roof or through the brick wall!

Humidifier: the right way of using your humidifier may save you a lot of energy and water. Implementation of this item will reduce your furnace cycle and if you have a flow through type of humidifier and do not have enough humidity in your house then in this chapter you will find just what to do.

Garage Door: this item may just
increase a little bit your furnace idle cycle, but at the same time give you step-by-step information about three different brands of the garage heaters and their installation.

High Efficiency Water Heater: in this chapter you can find information not only on how to increase your furnace idle cycle, but also information on how to significantly reduce your water heater's terrible noise!

Duct Seal and Ductwork Insulation: these two very important chapters can save you hundreds of dollars not only on the saved energy cost, but also on the labor cost if you are going to do it as DIY project!

To sum up, I hope now you understand better why people just like you are regularly buying unsaleable on
the other websites energy saving tips. Because they can save a lot of money, not only on the energy saving tips themself, but also you can save hundreds and even thousands if you do it as a DIY project.

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