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Save Energy by Closing Cold Air Return Grills

Cold air returns

As everybody knows the cold air sinks down, but the warm air rises up. For example in the summertime, when warm air fills your house you have to run it through A/C coil to cool it down. As your A/C unit picks up warm air from the ceiling, it will be replaced by cool air coming from the supply vents. This set up also helps you to save some energy because A/C unit is working more efficiently! (Watch the video below).

In the wintertime as you probably also know cold air is concentrating near the floor and over the time it fills house up to the thermostat’s level. So if you have ....  However, what is most important to understand that it’s going to add more comfort to your house and also save some money because it is reducing the furnace’s (heat pump) working cycle!

In the first picture above, you can see a double cold air return in the corridor on the second floor where one of the ..... In addition, to the left hand side is another double cold air return that .....
In the second picture, you can see ...... I hope you understand that it’s .....

In the summertime, I will put ......

In the third picture, you can see my master bedroom’s wall where I also have ..... This actually not only saves me some energy but make this room very comfortable, because once furnace or A/C start working I feel the difference right away!

As you can see in my house I have three..... (one more in the basement) and along with the others energy saving tips it gives me 20% saving on my utility bill. In your house you can make more .....!

If you decide to use this energy saving tip in your house you may have difficulties with the cold air return grill installation it’s why I'll give you some explanations to this topic in the chapter below.

Cold Air Return Installation

If you have relatively recently built your house most likely all the returns in your house are ..... In order to add .... you have to…

This chapter from my Ductwork Installation Guide Energy Saving Edition book designed to help a homeowner to save some money on their energy bills. In the wintertime, you will save on natural gas and electricity and in the summertime, you will save on the electrical bill!

Here is nothing new in the notion of closing return and supply registers, only reason why I am selling it on my website is because nobody would tell you how exactly to do it and not to roast you HVAC system, but I found a different approach on how to do it and I want to share it with you!

In this chapter
you can find the following:

  • How to save energy by closing cold air returns
  • How to add more returns
  • How to add a cold air return if you do not have enough cold air returns in your house

However, this chapter will explain all the above for the house with HVAC system in the basement, if your HVAC system is in the attic you also may use it, but I do not have pictures to support my step-by-step explanations! If any of my customers will supply me with some pictures I'll refund his/her money! The chapter has 23 high quality pictures on 12 pages.

You can buy this chapter for the very low price of only $3.00! In order to pay please use a Buy Now button below. 

For more info, please visit this page. 

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As economic situation isn’t improving so far, every day more and more people are visiting this page! Many of them want to save some money on their heating and cooling bills, but do not know how. They have reasonable thoughts that if they would close a few heats and cold air returns they will save some money on their utility bills.

So here is a question - Are they right or wrong on this issue? So let’s take a close look at it.
The most obvious answer is – They are right! Because if you would heat or cool only part of your house your HVAC system will work less and you can save!

On the second thought the answer is – They are wrong! Because your equipment is designed to move a certain amount of air and it will fail prematurely if you starve it for air!

Then here is another question – Why is it working for me, why am I able to save about 20% on my utility bill but it doesn’t work for others? Because I have designed and built the entire system of the ductwork in my house by myself!

But what can you do to save on your utility bill and down the road do not destroy your equipment? – You have to make some important changes to your ductwork system!

If you go to this page you will read some comments where people stand on the both ends of this issue. Some of them for and some of them against it, but unfortunately all of them wrong because their advices based on presumption that system of ductwork is something that can’t be touched and changed. Believe me it can be changed and you can do it!

Hundreds and hundreds of people are buying my books and many of them aren’t the professional installers. The vast majority of them are DIY-rs who do not afraid to install the entire system to their new houses, finish their basements, replace their furnaces or do their kitchen remodeling! And even you are not one of them you always can hire an HVAC Contractor, which will do this job for you.

However, from my experience I know that you still have some doubts if this would work for you!
So let me make this process for you as smooth as possible. Let’s divide it into three steps:

First step:
Send me an email from this page and describe what kind of house and what kind of equipment you have? Describe its location in your house; count how many heat runs and cold air returns you have and their locations. Is your basement finished or not and so on.
This step is free of charge and at the end I’ll tell you if you can improve your system of ductwork or not.

Second step:
For the price of only $1.34 (0.34 is a PayPal’s fee) I will explain WHAT should be done in order to save money on your heating/cooling bill.
After you pay $1.34, PayPal will send you to the page above where you can type your request and send it to me.

Third step:
If after my explanations you will purchase the chapters on this page above ($3.00) where you can find HOW it should be done, I’ll refund your $1.34.

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