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How to Save Money on Bath Fans

For the last 20 or so years, the bath fans have been set in the building code and if your house not much older than that most likely that you have a bath fan in every bathroom. Of course, it is very important to have them. You can find a lot of information about how important to have them in your house, such as: “Moisture can be a problem in the bathroom. It can cause paint to peel, doors to warp and the accumulation of mold spores. A simple exhaust fan can greatly reduce or eliminate the many problems created by excess moisture”. However, believe me nobody tells you that through the bath fan you loose a lot of the conditioned air!

Several years ago, I looked at the soffit cap, where the bath fan exhaust was terminated, and saw a couple of icicles hanging down! I knew that that bath fan never has been running because it located in the laundry room. I walked around the house and found that there are the same icicles on the other soffit caps. Therefore, I have decided to save some energy and of course money and put pieces of paper between the unit cover and the casing of the fan. However, I have not blocked the air completely to prevent the motor from overheating if I or somebody else in my family turns the fan on.

Of course, this energy saving tip is not for everyone. If you spend hours in the bathtub, or very smell sensitive you need the bath fan running in the full strength, otherwise this energy saving tip can significantly increase your furnace idle cycle.
Below you can learn how to install bath fan in your basement or in your attic.

HEPA Series Air Filtration System

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