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List of Simple Questions 13

On the List of Simple Questions page and on the others alike (see links to them below), you can find answers to all spectrums of issues this website is dedicated for!
If your search engine sent you to this page that means, that a similar question was asked before and you will be able to find the answer you are looking for.
Some of the questions are simple enough and you can find answers right here on this page.
The others are more complicated and I provided links to the pages on my site where you can find free information.
For the third part of the questions that are not that simple, as you may think, I provided links to the paid pages or books on my site.

So, please scroll down, find your question and good luck!

Air register installation technique.
This one is another example on when Google sent a visitor to the wrong page. However, you can find a solution on this page.

52. Registers and Grills Installation* – the chapter describes registers and grills installation. Also, presents some important tips on how to do that.
The chapter has 3 pictures; 3 pages*. $1.86 (Instant Access).

Return Grille Locations.

Air Distribution & ASHRAE Outlet Selection.,pdf file.

On 10/30/2011 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved.

Block off ducts to unused rooms with heap pump system and add more vents in other rooms.
Well, it is what this paid page is all about!

Button held down by tape inside my furnace cover.
It's a serviceman forget to remove it, just pull it out.

Can a bad condensate pump cause my furnace to stop working?

Can a copper gas line touch heating duct?

Can a fireplace blower be wired to spin the wrong direction?

Can a furnace blow up if the condensate pump doesn't work?

Can basement hvac share first floor hvac?
Yes and it usually does.

Can blocking off a cold air return create negative pressure?
No, it may create only positive one.

Can forced air furnaces make you dizzy?
Yes, if it has a cracked heat exchanger then you can die.

Can I add a cold air return in basement to aid in cooling?
Only if you have a walk out basement, otherwise it will help for heating only.

Can I put a cold air duct in at the base of my hvac?
Well, but what is the other option?

Can I put an air vent in the garage duct?

Can I put water over my forced air vents to increase humidity somehow?
Do not try to invent a wheel! Learn how to do that and save on this page!

How to Double Level of Relative Humidity in Your House

Low humidity level is most likely the cause of some pretty significant health issues. The optimal relative humidity level for human comfort and health is anywhere from 30% to 50%.
Here are some of the results of low humidity:

Can I remove return air duct if I now have a high efficiencies?

Can I run high efficiency furnace without condensate trap.
You do not need an additional condensate trap for high efficiency furnace it should have it inside.

Can I see some picture of how to install garage heater?
Yes, I have Chapter #58 in my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book dedicated to this issue. And you can buy a garage heater on the right.

58. Garage Heater Installation*# – the chapter gives step-by-step detailed instructions to the three types of the garage heater installation.The chapter has 9 pages, 16 pictures*. $1.86 (Instant Access).

*Spiral Duct Quiz

Choosing a Natural Gas Garage Heater

#From code:
308.0 Location. Link to the International Code added (11/05/2012).

Can I turn off my condensation pump without causing problems?

Can you be sued over heating ducts banging in a house you sold?
Well I'm not a lawyer, but WTF fix it before it's too late! More info on this page.

Can you put an air filter on your cold air return?
If you do not care about how it looks, then why not?

Can you put ductwork under beams will the elbows decrease airflow?
Yes and yes.

Can you run a partial 6" vent from a kitchen fan into a 4" of a long run?

Can you vent your microwave in to a crawl space?
Yes, you can vent it in the crawl space and run it out through the exterior wall.

Cold air return noisy solutions.
Find a solution on this page.

Cold air return panning not connected to trunk.
Find a solution in the Chapter #34 of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

Combustion air intake condensation frost.
The reason for that is because the humidity in your basement or mechanical room is too high. In order to stop the condensation frost you should insulate combustion intake pipe.

Condensate pump Northville, MI.
If you live in any town in the Metro Detroit area and need any kind of installation you can contact me on this page.

Cost of chimney liner installation in Troy, MI
If you have a similar question and reside in the Metro Detroit area, please contact me on this page.

Cutting a crimp on furnace duct.
You can use red aviation snips for that.

Cutting a second cold air return into the bottom of the furnace.
I would not suggest of doing that, because any cold air return must be filtered.

Difference between heating and air conditioning ducts.
There is not any difference at all.

Distance between combustion air and fresh air intakes.
There could be a zero clearance.

Do I need a fresh air vent come from outside if I have 2 inch pipe running to furnace for air intake?
You still may need a combustion air intake for your water heater.

Do you lose efficiency on gas furnaces if you do not use a fresh air pipe?
You probably referring to the combustion air intake, then my answer is yes.

Does a forced hot air furnace in an attic need fresh outside air for combustion?
If your attic is vented then no, but your local inspector may have a different opinion.

Does a house have to have two fresh air intakes?
Yes, they name them - Fresh Air Intake for one and Combustion Air Intake for another.

Does blocking off air flow in one vent increase flow in another in a forced air?

Does cracked heat exchanger emit natural gas?

Does exposed duct in an air-conditioned space need insulation?

Does fresh air intake require more energy?

Does increasing the heat in the house lower the humidity?
No, but it lowers the RH.

Does it pay to vent microwave to outside?
If you are cooking a lot, and/or smell sensitive then yes.

Does putting insulation around heating ducts in basement cause the duct to sweat?
No, it should prevent ductwork from sweating.

Duct reducer 8 inches to 7 inches.
If you can't find it at the local store or online, get info how to make one on this page or just buy it on the right.

How to Make a Cone Reducer

For $1.00 only learn how to make any cone (round to round) reducer the way a sheet metal guy would do it.

Extending the pipe to just above floor level and then putting the end of the pipe in a 5-gallon pail. The pail fills up with the cold air and lets very little spill past the bucket. This is a nice statement; could you prove that it is actually working?
I could not. But I found what is actually working. Find a solution on this page.

Finishing basement does furnace need it own room?
Yes - a mechanical room.

Flexible transition to isolate furnace noises.
Flexible transition won't isolate a furnace noise, it would eliminate vibration.

Flow through humidifier installed wrong always on.
Possibly wrong wiring, wires should be connected to C and W.

Heating my basement during construction?
Well, your Builder has to provide a temporary furnace. Find more info in the Chapter #32 of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

32. Temporary Furnace Suspension – the chapter describes how to hook up a temporary furnace, how to vent 
it out and installation of a temporary thermostat.
The chapter has 8 pictures; 6 pages*. $2.00 (Instant Access).

On 05/25/2013 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. Two pictures added.

High or low return registers for AC.

How do I judge the quality of my furnace ductwork job?
Oh man, it is very simple! Contact me on this page, take some pictures and email them to me. Let me judge "the quality of my furnace ductwork job" for you!

How do I stop my furnace from heating the basement?
Close all basement registers and insulate the supply duct.

How far off floor does gas furnace have to be?
It can be sitting right on the floor, you can put it on rubber pads (3/4" thick), on the bricks, on the cold air return box and on the filter box. You can buy rubber pads on this page on the right.

How much do furnace people charge to fix ductwork?
This question doesn't make too much sense because in different parts of the country prices could be different! However if you can do it by yourself explain what you want to repair on this page and I'll help you out.

How to get ductwork up a finished wall?
You have to cut drywall out.

How to hang heat pump line set from ceiling?
You can use plumber's u-hooks, big clamps or band iron. Buy it on the right.

How to install a first floor bathroom ventilation fan in a two-story house?
I have Chapter #23 & 24 in my Ductwork Installation Guide book dedicated to this issue. Do you need a fan? Buy one just below.

How to install central air on a furnace that is upside down?
This is a downflow furnace. You have to put the furnace on top of the AC coil.

How to install underground ductwork in a house?
I have the Chapter # 57 in my Ductwork Installation Guide book dedicated to this type of installation.

How to keep animals from scratching flex duct in crawl space?
This message came from Puyallup, Washington. There are two ways: first, put two signs one - "Do Not Trespass", and another "Do Not Scratch Flex Ducts" or just seal your crawl space off...

How to make a field offset in single wall metal pipe?
Unless you are trying to make something special use two round 45*-s for that.

How to repair a crimped flex duct in a heater system?
You can add a couple of hangers or if it choked at the register box install an insulated elbow.

How to run an a/c vent from under the home to the attic?
You need to build a chase inside a closet.

How to set up duct mufflers cannabis?
This question came from Middleton, Wisconsin. Are people in this city so obsessed with the illegal drags that they cannot ask a question without mentioning it?

I can see the duct system in my attic! Excellent!
Tell it to your ophthalmologist - make his day!

I have a heat pump in the attic is there a filter inside?
It depends on the type of your installation, sometimes it's inside, sometimes you may have a filter box or rack and sometimes you may have a centralized filter grill. Do you need a filter grill? Buy one on this page on the right.

I live in a basement unit should my furnace cold air returns be blowing cold air all the time?
No, just turn thermostat's fan on auto position.

I recently purchased a home in the middle of a total remodel. They had removed the old boiler heat system and started the conversion to forced air. The furnace they installed is a heat controller 100kbtu with a 5 ton blower. On one side of the furnace they have a cutout already for return air but nothing attached. Someone was telling me that with a 5 ton you need to pull return air from both sides. I am wondering if that is accurate and if so what is the best way to accomplish that? Thanks in advance for any help, as I need all the help I can get. 

To more then 1650 CFM, yes you need 2 side returns, or 1 side and a bottom return, or a bottom return only.
If you will never have a 5 ton A/C connected to this furnace, then you can use/get a way with 1 side return only.

If return air duct is disconnected in attic, will a heat pump operate efficiently?

In a change in elevation at 45 degree angle in spiral duct work how do you figure out the cut piece between the fittings?
Find the answer to this question on this page.

Offset and Riser Formula 

On this page you can find out how to calculate an Offset and a Riser, and formulas on how to find a distance between two flat and stack forty-fives and more!

Install a cold air return in already finished basement.
Yes, it is still possible to do. Get more info on this page.

Is 8 inch ducting larger than two 6 inch?
No, they are considered about the same.

Is high efficiency intake and exhaust piping different?
Well, they look the same, but re-read your question.

Is it okay to locate a cold air return on an exterior foundation wall?
Yes, it is fine! I even have a chapter from my new book dedicated to this issue.

Is it possible to move hvac from attic to the garage?
Yes, but it depends on layout of your attic.

Is range hood ducting the same as microwave ducting?
Yes, it could be the same, but usually the range hood ductwork is bigger.

Is the condenser fan necessary on a heat pump?

Is there a method of calculating how much space in cubic feet is required to provide sufficient ambient combustion air that is supplied from the surrounding furnace area?
50 cubic foot of volume for every 1000 BTUs of input for inside air.

Mechanical inspector too strict!
Almost every inspector is considering himself as he/she Napoleon! You have no choice but to obey...

My boss is making a buzzing sound.
This statement came from Podgorica, Montenegro. Here in America we have a different word to describe this type of sound...

My unfinished basement is cold because of fresh air.
Purchase a paid page here for the price of only $1.34 and resolve this issue.

How to Stop Cold Air from Fresh Air (Combustion Air) Vent in Furnace Room

My family and I live in MN. Every winter I have dealt with issues of cold air coming from all areas of our 1955 home with a 3-year-old addition with in-floor heat. I finally installed a fresh intake vent that has halted any cold air coming from other areas of the old part of the house...

Nasal problems with reduced humidity in house during winter.
Find out how to resolve this issue on this page.

Repairing loose/disconnected ductwork.
Look, if you are looking for a solution on these kinds of issues nobody will able to help you out without pictures and explanations. So, please go to this page and submit your question there.

Residential attic duct wrapping instructions?
Nothing special, learn how to do this on this page.

Return air duct verses fresh air intake.
There no such thing as "Return air duct verses fresh air intake". You must have both. 

Questions about preferred way to insulate bare metal, between where the flex's insulation stops and up to the collar at plenum? In the picture, flex comes from the R; Collar / plenum is to the L.
Have foil back duct insulation - can use.
At the collar (using loose duct wrap), should the insulation be zipped - only? Or taped to collar, then zipped?
On this El, should the end of flex insulation be zipped against the El,
then overlap the duct wrap - several inches ? past the end of flex insulation?
The flex insulation or liner won't reach the collar, completely covering elbow (if that's what U mean). Flex insulation stops at red line (in 1st picture).
*Plenum on left (pretend)
* Green towel = foil backed duct wrap
* # 1 = flex insulation stops on El
* # 2 = duct wrap butts against plenum
* # 3 = seam where duct wrap overlaps flex insulation.
# 1: Use clamp, or tape, or both - end of flex insulation on elbow? [liner already sealed]
# 2: Clamp, tape or both - duct wrap at plenum?
# 3: How, or if to seal the seam between duct wrap & flex covering? ? Use wide foil tape, or...?

Peel back the outer liner and cut inner liner shorter than the insulation. After the mechanical connection and taping the insulation is pulled around the elbow.
If you do not have enough length to redo the connection just buy some R-6 or R-8 trunk insulation and wrap it around the elbows, tape it with aluminum foil tape.

Sheet metal air duct installation with samples and pictures.
Nevertheless that my entire site is dedicated to that, sometimes Google send visitors to irrelevant for their search pages! If you are one of them please look around, you are definitely going to find what you are looking for!

Sheet metal duct installers training.
Usually you can get some training on the job, but because every company trains their employees in their own unique way, you must be very lucky to get it right.
In order to offset that purchase my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book.

Should a heating and cooling company calculate new heat and return ducts for me or do it myself.
Well, if you want to pay more, then you can ask them to do it for you. Otherwise, do it on this page.

Should each cold air return be its own run?
If you are referring to the attic installation, then yes.

S-slip & drive is the same thing as an s-cleat and drive cleat?

Tools needed to install ductwork.
In order to see all of it please go to this page.

Tools in My Work Apron

Have you ever wondered what kinds of tool an ordinary residential ductwork installer carrying in his pouch?
On this and on the following pages you can see a complete set of all necessary tools that I’m usually carrying in my pouch, keeping in my toolbox or having in my van...

What happens if hood fan exhaust duct is not insulated?
In a cold climate it will sweat and even freeze on the inside.

What happens if you hook a new ac unit up without replacing the ductwork?
Nothing, if a new unit is the same capacity as the old one.

What happens when I reduce then increase air duct pipe diameter?
You are going to reduce the airflow.

What if my range hood and duct pipe don't quite line up?
Sometimes it is a problem, but sometimes it is not. Please contact me on this page and I'll go over it with you.

What is difference between furnace intake and return?
Intake brings fresh combustion air to the burner; while return recycle air in the house.

What kind of cement is used on PVC pipe for venting high efficiency gas furnace?
You can use Oatey 31013 Reg. Clear Cement F/ PVC Pipe & Fittings. Buy it on the right.

What was cause air not to be distributed evenly through the ducts of he air handler in the attic of a home?
The system of ductwork in your home should be designed by Manual D. Get more info on this page.

Who do I call if I want to change the ducting in a basement, Toronto?
Here in the US they call them HVAC contractors, but in Canada? I do not know!

Why are heat pumps vents under the windows?
They put vents near the places where most of the heat losses occur.

Why do I hear a dripping noise when my furnace is running?
Well, there is nothing is dripping in your furnace or ductwork, but rather you hear a ticking noise. Find a solution on this page.

Why doesn't gas furnace kill us? I have no idea!
Maybe because it does not have a gun...

Why return duct is always larger than supply?
Manual D requires airflow to be designed based on Velocity (700 fpm on supply trunk 600 fpm on supply branch ducts 500 fpm on return ducts and 250 fpm across a filter)
This dictates the return will always be larger than the supply.
For instance a hard pipe 18" duct will deliver just over 1200 cfm at 700 fpm but you need just over a 21" pipe to deliver the same amount of air at 500 fpm.

Why would ants come thru bathroom exhaust fan?
I have no freaking idea! Maybe they just love that smell!?!

Will a drum style humidifier work with baseboard heating?
I do not think so...

Would closing a vent in a room cause damage to your ductwork?
Well, the website doesn't exist, but mine is full of DIY topics. do I run the ductwork for an indoor wood
This question came from Grafton, Massachusetts. There is a wishful thinking that any question you may think of can lead you to a website where this single question could be answered, but it is not true!
However, some people keep thinking that if they type a question in their search engine it will bring them straight to the answer! In about 30% of cases, it isn't true either!
Therefore, here is my advice: if you get to a website, find a sitemap maybe the answer to your question is hidden there!

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, try links to the other pages of this kind below.
Please follow the links provided on these pages, they would lead you to the free or paid pages on my site or even to the other sites where you can get your question answered!
If you are still cannot find an answer to your simple question, just ask it on this page.
If your question requires more than simple "Yes" or "No" or one sentence to answer, please ask your question on this page. Price for the question is only $1.34 and if I have already a paid page with the answer to your question, you will pay nothing. If that page is pricier that $1.34 you will pay for the page, but I will refund your money back to your PayPal account.
If I do not have an answer to your specific question, I will refund your money as well.

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