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This website is designed for people:                              
I have been working as an HVAC installer and later as a mechanical engineer for 35 years and discovered that there no manuals and/or books for this type of work. But I created seven of them that I believe are very good and useful for anyone who wants to learn HVAC installation. was created in August 2006. Since then it has become massive and the most reliable source of information!

Currently it has:
  • One hundred and two main menu and parent pages
  • One hundred and fifty paid and download pages, many of which also have additional information
  • Seven helpful books
On the, you can find answers to many ductwork, furnace/air handler and related questions, such as noise reduction and elimination, energy conservation, furnace replacement and so on. has thousands registered users from the
U.S.A, US Virgin Islands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UK, China, Australia, Philippines, India, S. Korea, France, Norway, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Canada.
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