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Difference between air conditioning duct and vent?
Duct is a part of the vent.

Do hvac runs have to be straight?
This way it looks better.

Do I need a condensation trap in loft for inline fan?

Do I need grilles or registers for my wall?
For air returns you need grills, for supplies – registers. Get more info on this page.

Do people run return air ductwork in attic?
Some of them do…

Do some contractors run condensate overflow in front of windows?
Some of them might.

Do you heat the unfinished side of basement?

Do you replace water penetrated metal ductwork?
If they are not rusty and you stopped the leak then I wouldn’t do it.

Does it matter which way an S-cleat goes into a rectangular duct?
Yes, they both should be open up or down.

Does leaving a window open in a closed room cause the furnace to go on?
I doubt it.

Does room exhaust fan duct work in an attic need to be insulated.
In the cold climate, then yes.

Do I need a return air duct at the ceiling of my three story living room?
Better have it on the wall, just for looks…

Does a home need a cold air return?

Does every room need a cold air return?

Dripping noise in wall when forced hot air heat is on.
Learn hoe to get rid of it on this page.

Duct offset - to - length ratio.
Get all the info on this page.

Duct popping noise at end of cycle.
Learn how get rid of it on this page.

Duct riser details.
Get them on this page.

Ductwork installation guide for sale.
$84.99 its already for sale, but you can save even more! Learn how to do it on this page.

Ferroli mking stupid nosies.
Are you talking about stupid? Check out your spelling, genius…

Fresh air intake requirements.
Get useful info for this topic on this page.

Furnace bangs every time it shuts down.
Learn how to fix it on this page.

Furnace bangs when starting.
Learn how to fix it on this page.

Furnace install pictures.
I have a whole bunch of them on this page.

Home depot book how to install duct for hvac.
It just doesn’t exist. Get more info on this page.

Home depot flexible air duct installation in attic.
Never heard of! Get more info on this page.

How do closed door affect the balancing of my furnace?
If you have a cold air return in that room it shouldn’t affect at all, otherwise it may reduce airflow to the room.

How do I shorten a heating duct inside a wall?
I would try to pull it out first, if impossible, use a saw-zall with metal blade.

How do I attach the duct board plenums to the air handler?
UL listed aluminum foil tape. Don't shy from using two or three strips of tape to completely seal each side, making the entire strip wide so it grips the duct board and the air handler really well.

How do I connect 3.25" x 10" ductwork for a kitchen hood?
Learn this simple technique on this page.

How do I fix a heat register in house that is blowing very little air?

This is probably more complicated than you think. Find a solution on this page.

How do I get fresh air into a finished basement with no windows?
Learn how to do it on this page.

How do I stop drafts from my fresh air intake?
Learn how to fix it on this page.

How do they get a furnace into a crawl space?
I’m also wondering! This is stupid, right?

How to install duct work in a basement with a low ceiling?
If you want to finish this basement I would run it around the perimeter.

How to install sheet metal duct work do it yourself tutorial.
You can find it here.

How to know if bathroom exhaust fan is working?
If it holds a piece of paper, then it’s working.

How to prevent A/C duct sweating on ceiling?
Learn how to do it on this page.

How to properly run ductwork in the attic?
Learn how to do it on this page.

How to put furnace ducting together?
Learn how to do it on this page.

How to put together round duct work?
Learn how to do it on this page.
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Duct Sealing

01. Seal Your Home's Ductwork
02. How to Seal Exposed Ductwork
03. Duct Sealing (Part 1)
04. Duct Sealing (Part 2)
05. How to Seal Home Air Ducts and Save Money
06. Sealing Flex Duct to Duct Board
07. Sealing Flex Duct with Mastic
08. Sealing Rigid Duct to Rigid Duct
09. Sealing Flex Duct to Flex Duct
10. Duct Sealing Warm Air Vent
11. Aeroseal-Duct Sealing
12. In Ground Air Duct after Lining Process
13. Trenchless Innovations - Air Duct Lining
14. Return Air Vent Leaks Sealed with Latex Sealer
15. Duct Sealing Return Air
16. Why You Should Avoid Flex Duct in Houses

HVAC Install

01. Bathroom Exhaust Fans
02. Energy Tips #9: Home Heating
03. Roof Flashing for Bathroom Fans
04. Flex Hose Installation Tips
05. HVAC Install
06. Save Energy - HVAC - Flex Flow Elbow
07. Sealing Flex Duct to Flex Duct
08. Sealing Rigid Duct to Duct Board
09. Ductwork installations
10. Flame Furnace, MI. talk about Humidifiers
11. Flame Furnace, MI. talk about Filters
12. Geothermal Installation - The New Furnace! - Part 16
13. How to install a A647B bath fan
14. How To Install a Programmable Thermostat - The Home Depot
15. Set & Save: Using Your Programmable Thermostat

16. Ductwork in Attic before and after

Heat Pump Noise

01. Carrier Heat Pump Noise Problem
02. Heat Pump Defrost
03. Heat Pump Headaches
04. More Noisy Goodman Heat Pumps
05. Noisy, Loud, Squeaky, Heat Pump / Air Conditioner Trane XR1
06. Condenser Unit Fan Noise-Solved by Replacing Fan Blade
07. How Noisy is Air Source Heat Pump
08. Strange Heat Pump Ticking
09. Trane XE 1000 XE1000 High Pitched Noise or Whine
10. Heat Pump Problem
11. Squealing Bryant Aero Cool AC Condenser Fan

12. Maytag Heat Pump 0001
13. Heat Pump Noise
14. Heat Pump
15. Carrier Heat Pump Making Clicking Noise

16. Heat Pump Defrosting

Condensate Drains

01. Improper Condensate Drain Line
02. HVAC Condensate Drains
03. Are Your Condensate Drain Lines Connected Properly?
04. HVAC Condensate P-traps 1
05. HVAC Condensate P-traps 2
06. Galco: Condensate Pump
07. Noisy Condensate Pump
08. Z-Vent Z-Flex AL29-4C Condensate Drains for Thankless Water Heater Vent
09. Home Inspection Clogged Condensation Line
10. LG - Split-System Installation Video (Tips & How-to)
11. A/C condensate drain cleaning video HOW-TO
12. Are Your Condensate Pans Clean?
13. Mighty Pump - How to Unclog A/C Drain Lines
14. HVAC: Mighty Pump update and some other stuff
15. How to Prevent AC Drain Clogs and Leaks
16. Clogged Condensation Line Found During Charlotte Home Inspection

Global Warming

01. Global Warming 101
02. Climate Change - Has it been Cancelled?
03. Al Gore Debates Global Warming
04. Hundreds Strip Naked on Glacier in Global Warming Protest
05. Massive Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapses with Global Warming
06. A New Chapter on Climate Change
07. An Inconvenient Truth
08. Global Warming Hoax
09. The Impact of Solar Radiation on Global Warming
10. Global Warming - Doomsday Called Off (1/5)
11. Global Warming - Doomsday Called Off (2/5)
12. Global Warming - Doomsday Called Off (3/5)
13. Global Warming - Doomsday Called Off (4/5)
14. Global Warming - Doomsday Called Off (5/5)
15. Can you save Al Gore?
16. Sir David Attenborough: The Truth about Climate Change


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