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4" combustion air fitting picture.
See all kinds of pictures dedicated to this topic on this page.

5 gallon bucket combustion air.
This one doesn’t work. Find a solution on this page.

6 " duct for water heater combustion air.
6” could be too big.

Adding a cold air return basement.
Learn how to do it on this page.

Adding a return in basement to take out humidity.
Learn how to do it on this page.

Air conditioner duct weak air flow.
There can be several issues with your HVAC system, learn how to fix some of them on this page.

Air conditioner not reaching the bedrooms.
Learn how to fix it on this page.

Basement ducting.
Learn how to do it on this page.

Basement fresh air duct lots of air.

Learn how to reduce it on this page.

Basement kitchen exhaust.
Get all the info on this page.

Can a dryer vent be installed downward?

Can condensate pump discharge into waste line?
Yes, but you should use a P-trap first.

Can electricity cause a loud bang in an interior wall?
No, but duct can.

Do I need to insulate my cold air return ductwork?
Probable not.

Does furnace produce any noise?
Of course it does.

Galvanized ducting for oven fan.
Learn how to install it on this page.

Goodman furnace adding a humidifier.
Learn how to install it on this

Guide of putting heating ducts together.
Learn how to put ducts together on this page.

How far do you install a home thermostat from cold air return?

How to build furnace plenum?
You can purchase it at you local tin shop.

How to build hvac ducting?
You can purchase it at you local tin shop or right here on this site.

How to calculate correctly the furnace offset?
Learn how to do it on this page.

How to fasten a duct to a toe kick?
You can buy a chapter from my Kitchen Remodeling Edition and find it out for yourself.

How to make sure if I have enough returns in my finished basement?
After you install your returns. Leave the basement door slightly open. Run the system. See if the door blows open or closed, or doesn't move at all. If it blows open, you need more return, if it closes, you have too much return in the basement. If it doesn't move, good chance you have very close to the amount of return you need for the amount of supplies in the basement.

How to put ductwork together?
You can learn it on this page.

How to remove ductwork dampers in finished basements?
You have to disconnect the heat runs.

How to secure PVC on high efficiency furnace?
You can use ¾" clamps.

How to tell if your ac ductwork needs to be sealed?
If it's not already sealed, then it should be sealed.

Hvac, can I raise my return grill from the bottom of the wall to the top of the wall?
Yes, get more info on this page.

Hvac registers cut into ceiling tile.
Learn how to do it on this page.

I always hear a loud bang in my basement.
Learn how to fix it on this page.

I built an addition to my house but can't attach to furnace duct work.
Learn how to do it on this page.

I dented my duct work.
Find a solution on this page.

Install an additional return air.
Learn how to do it on this page.

What a material needed for adding a flex duct to a a/c return?
Tap-in collar.

What happens when I use a smaller than recommended duct for my microwave exhaust?
It won't remove as much contaminated air as designed, it will be noisier and it may shorten the blower's lifetime.

What is the recommended gauge material for laundry exhaust duct?
30 gauges.

When do I need a fresh air register in a bathroom?
Never heard of it.

Why a condensate drain pipe above front door?
That pipe is there to let you know there is a problem with your a/c unit in the attic.
When the primary condensate backs up, or the unit overflows for any other reason, there is an auxiliary drain pan under the unit to catch that overflow, and that drain line is draining to where you will see it and call the a/c contractor.

Why am I having too much humidity from a/c unit inside home?
This one is a complicated issue, but as a first remedy you may try to reduce your A/C blower speed.

Why do I need to replace my furnace plenum?
I have no f--g idea!

Why does basement have to be so cold?
This is and interesting question - got the answer?

Why is airflow suddenly bad after furnace replacement?
Ask your installer, he should know it better and send me some pictures so I can publish them on the Wall of Shame page.

Why metal vents tick?
Learn how to fix it on this page.

Why there is a whistling in duct work when heat is on?
Learn how to fix it on this page.

Will insulation keep duct work from ticking?

Will popping noise stop in metal duct when furnace is on.
No. It will go on and off every time furnace started.


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Whole House Fan

01. Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Installation Video
02. Whole House Fan Clears the Air
03. AirScape 1.7 Whole House Fan Installation Video
04. Whole House Fan (Test)
05. Sacramento Whole House Fan
06. 1982 Emerson 24 Inch Whole House Fan with Shutters
07. Introduction to The Quiet Cool Whole House Fan System
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11. 1977 Frigid Whole House Fan
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13. Whole House Fan Demonstration (Green Energy)
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16. Demonstration of JF-747 Attic fan

Microwave, Range Hood 

01. How to Install New Panasonic NN-SD277WR Microwave
02. Improperly Installed Microwave Found by Madison MS Home Inspector
03. Replacing Microwave Wave Guide Cover
04. Microwave Fixing
05. Range Hood Installation
06. Kitchen Cabinet Installation
07. Vent-A-Hood Introduces Duct-Free ARS Hoods
08. Vent-A-Hood Company History
09. Vent-A-Hood University
10. Kitchen Equipment: The Range Hood
11. Veneto European Range Hood Wall Mount B2W
12. PLZW Range Hood Install Slide Show
13. Do It Yourself Kitchen Installation - Part I
14. Do It Yourself Kitchen Installation Part II
15. Do It Yourself Kitchen Install Part III
16. Range Hood, To Circulate or Not Circulate

Crawl Space Mold

01. Mold in Crawl Space
02. Mold Spray in Crawl Space
03. Crawl Space Mold
04. Crawl Space Water Sources and Solutions
05. House Detective - Dank, Wet Crawl Space Issues
06. To Vent or Not to Vent
07. Crawl Space Moisture Problems and Black
08. Mold Health Effects
09. Crawl Space Mold Control
10. Crawl Space Mold
11. Crawlspace Encapsulation, Vapor Barrier, No More Mold
12. Crawl Space to Clean Space by Healthy Spaces Evansville
13. Drainage Problem Video
14. French Drain and Sump Pump Installation
15. Can Your Crawl Space Breathe?
16. Is There Water In Your Crawl Space?

Bathroom Fan

01. Roof Flashing for Bathroom Fans
02. DIY Home Exhaust Fan Install Part 1
03. DIY Home Exhaust Fan Part 2
04. DIY Home Exhaust Fan Part 3
05. DIY Home Exhaust Fan Part 4
06. Invisible Bathroom Vent
07. How to Replace and Install a Bathroom Ventilation Fan
08. How to Install A647B Bath Fan
09. Do I Need a Bath Ventilation Fan? - Bathroom Construction Tips
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12. QTRE080R Easy Retrofit Bath Fan
13. Soffit vent cover
14. How to Install a Bath Fan - The Home Depot
15. Broun Bath Fan Upgrade project
16. Solar Powered Power Attic Roof Fan Vent Install

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