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Air conditioning ducts that have 10 inches of fiberglass lining before metal ducts starts, can this fiberglass be cut out and replaced by a better product?
If you are asking about a ductboard, then yes.

Are you supposed to turn furnace off in the summer?
If there is no A/C then answer is yes.

Can a furnace be installed upside down?

Can a gas line run through the cold air return duct?
Yes, unless there are restrictions in your local code.

Can ductwork be run through the attic?
Of course, if ductwork installed in the attic it runs through the attic.

Can you attach bathroom fan ductwork to existing roof vents?
Yes, you can. More info in Chapter #25 of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

Can you explain exactly how the Bryant Evolution system works? What does it monitor?
Does it self adjust run times? What does it communicate?

Stat measures indoor temperature and humidity, Outdoor unit measures outside temperature. With a humidifier hooked up it will take into account the outside temperature so you do not get condensation. I.e. it will never hit 50% when it is cold outside.
The stat has some other settings like comfort or economy and will change blower speed based on that.
In the summer, it will adjust blower speed and/or stage based on indoor humidity/temp.

Can you install a fresh air intake without a furnace?
Yes, they name it a combustion air intake.

Cold air return duct blocked by insulation in floor joists can I run a pipe?
Remove insulation, run a pipe, put insulation back on.

Do rooms with cold duct returns be open or closed?
They can't be closed - this is one of the reasons why they can't be closed.

Do you glue PVC vent to high efficiency furnace?

Does increasing duct size help airflow?

Drum style furnace humidifier.
You can get all info you need on this page.

How far away should a thermostat be from a return duct?
From 3' - 4' to any appropriate place in a house.

How far from the wall, do you install heat registers?
4" off the finished wall.

How far off from floor should be fresh air intake?
Fresh air intake should be connected to the cold air duct. Combustion air intake should be terminated 12" off the floor.

How to drop heat runs to floor in basement?
I have a paid page to answer your question.

How to install exhaust from garage heaters?
Learn how to do that in Chapter #62 of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

Installation 8-inch heating duct.
Learn how to do that in the Chapter #45 of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

Is there debate of closing off rooms to save electricity?
Yes, but I would not recommend to close off even one room in order to save energy. More info is on this page.

Show me a picture of the duct crimping tools.
Look at this page.

Taking heating run off plenum.
Learn how to do that in Chapter #38 of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

What can one put over a hot air heating register to filter the air coming out?
Nothing put a filter at the furnace.

What is a commercial duct insulation on outdoor ducts install above 32*F?
If you are having a specific question about commercial ductwork installation send it to me from this page.

What should I do duct wise to add computer room to garage?
This is a complicated issue, but you can resolve it by visiting this page.

Where I can find kitchen hood exhaust duct installation over the range?
Right here on this site.

Where to find practical formula for offset calculation?
Here on this page.

Why cold air return air ducts running outdoors?
It is not a cold air return duct - it's a fresh air intake.

Why is there a dripping sound in wall, why do my heating vents ping?
Get an answer on this page.


On the List of Simple Questions page and on the others alike (see links to them below), you can find answers to all spectrums of issues this website is dedicated for!
If your search engine sent you to this page that means, that a similar question was asked before and you will be able to find the answer you are looking for.
Some of the questions are simple enough and you can find answers right here on this page.
The others are more complicated and I provided links to the pages on my site where you can find free information.
For the third part of the questions that are not that simple, as you may think, I provided links to the paid pages or books on my site.

So, please scroll down, find your question and good luck! 

Are basements warmer than other parts of the house?

Can a humidifier be hook up to downflow furnace?

Can basement heat vents be on floor near cold air return?
Yes, but better stay away from it.

Can ductwork restrict airflow?
It’s always does, even if it’s oversized.

Can electric outlets be put in cold air returns?
Yes, but you have to run wires in a "Greenfield".

Can I add a cold air return to a room?
Of course honey, of course!

Can I find pictures on how to install ductwork?
Yes, you can: on my “Installation in Pictures” page or below.

Installation in Pictures

Some of the visitors of my website are very sophisticated DIY-rs. They don’t need long and detailed explanations; they just want to see how it supposed to be done so they can do it!

Therefore, I've come up with an idea to make some installation pages without any explanations or with brief explanations to them. The pages have pictures of all necessary materials, tools and actual installation. If you click on the link you will see a part of the page. If you would like to see the page as a whole you should click on the "Buy Now" button below it. Price for installation in pictures is $2.00. If you would like to see the full scale explanation you can click on another "Buy Now" button below it. Price for a detailed explanation is $2.50.

Can I install an HVAC register in the garage of my house?

Can I put an exhaust fan in the basement with a gas furnace?

Can I put cold air return in basement near ceiling!
Yes, you can, but better to put it low.

Can I relocate my return air grill for your furnace?
For my furnace? C'mon, of course not!

Can I split a 6 inch duct into two 4 inch ducts for in line exhaust fan?

Can you put in ductwork yourself?
Yes, I can.

Can you run regular ductwork to vent a furnace?
You should run combination of the smoke and B-vent pipes. And you can buy them on the right.

Can you seal an oil furnace exhaust vent with tape to prevent leaks?

Can you vent a bath fan into the HVAC ductwork?
Look, if you have only one bath fan in your house you must do it, because if you do it, you will always know if this bathroom is occupied or not and this will save you a trip!

Do I need a fresh air intake in my basement?
Of course you need it and I can help you to install it!

How to Use a Fresh Air Intake

...To prevent homes from becoming starved for air, the Uniform Mechanical Code requires that all new homes be built with a special duct that brings outside air directly to the heating system. All furnace and boiler installations in existing homes are also required to have a combustion air duct...

Do I need air return in basement?

Do I need the plenum or can I transition from the furnace to the main trunk?
Yes, you need a plenum and transition.

Do you have to remove an old attic furnace to install a new one?
No, leave it there. Believe me you are going to feel twice warmer then!

Do your own metal ductwork?
No, I do not. However, ductwork that is installed in my home - yes I do!

Does condensation line run when using heat?
Yes, if you have a condensing furnace and/or humidifier.

Does finished attic need a return register?
Yes, of course!

Does the fan on the outside a/c unit spin right away or is there a delay?
There isn't a delay.

Does the heat in my attic effect air conditioning ducts that run through it?

Gas builds up in my furnace then make a big bang sound is it still safe?

How do I add ducts to my furnace?
At first, buy my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

Ductwork Installation Guide e-book

Introducing a completely current and innovative way to learn the basics of Ductwork and Furnace Installation! Featuring hundreds practical competencies, this “how to” guide has been carefully designed and thoroughly modernized to provide a complete learning system for the fundamentals and applications of core ductwork installation concepts. It combines straightforward theory lessons with useful “hands-on” opportunities for learning about the industries hottest topics, including installation in small and big houses and apartments, installation in basements and attics, rough-ins and finals, safety issues, and more. Enhancements to this edition include an updated tools and materials identification chart, new and improved pictures, revised installation techniques...

How do you close hole in duct work?
Use a sheet metal patch.

How do you install ductwork?
Mostly silently, sometimes with some WTF words.

How do you properly measure ductwork installations?
Use a tape measure. Do you need a tape measure? Get one on the right. 

How does air return run from second floor to basement?
In the wall cavity. 

How does HVAC run duct from basement to attic?
In the special chase.

How far does exhaust duct have to be from supply duct gas fuel appliances?

How many cold air returns do I require in my basement?
Well, it is your basement boss – how many you require that many you install!

How many ducks can I have with a 14“trunk line?
How many ducks? As many as you want! But wait a minute, are you a drake?

How many hours install new PVC flue side wall?
It depends on how good you will follow my step-by-step explanations.

49. Venting* – the chapter is divided in two parts and describes all possible cases of installation and termination of the
venting for 80% and 90+% furnaces.
The chapter has 49 pictures; 26 pages*. $2.50 (Instant Access).

Venting & Draining Condensing Gas Furnaces
Laundry and Condensing Furnaces Don't Mix.

On 08/18/2013 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. One photo were added.

How many cold air returns in house?
In my house 15, how many in yours?

How oval stacks reduce the air flow?
Resistance of 6” oval stack is equal of resistance of 5” round pipe.

How to cut ductwork offset?
The best way to cut ductwork for offset it’s before you put ductwork together.

How to do a cold air return in finished basement?
It’s easy and very simple! Just go on this page of my website
(or below) and get the answer!

Cold Air Return for Finished Basement

This page gives a description on the installation of the cold air return on the wall which is separating the mechanical room from the rest of the finished basement. On this page, you can see pictures of all necessary tools and materials and pictures of the system elements installed. There are 18 pictures on this page. All installation is divided into six steps that represents the entire project in the making.

Installation on the paid page might not exactly describe your upcoming project. However, it will give you an important example of how this type of installation should be done. In addition, it will open the gates for as many questions as necessary to make sure that the job is done right.

How to eliminate ductwork?
Well, at first drop all the ductwork down to the floor, jump and dance on it until it is flat, throw it in the dumpster.

How to find out if cold air return is working?
Just put a piece of paper on it.

How to fire stop in a cold air return?
A cold air return must remain open.

How to fix a furnace starving for air?
You should add some cold air returns and/or increase a cold air duct.

How to hook up ductwork to your heat pump in your basement?
Hook up ductwork to my heat pump in my basement! Are you crazy? Leave my basement alone!

How to install a gas furnace?
Please visit a Furnace Book page or below.

Furnace Replacement in Pictures

If you are planning to replace your furnace, you may need to see 137 high quality pictures on this page! It doesn't matter if you are going to hire an HVAC company to do the job or not, but you should know how the installation must be done the right way!..

How to install a heating duct in basement?
I have several paid pages on my website dedicated to this issue! For very, very low price you can get step-by- step explanations.

How to install air register?
Just screw it down to the register box and meanwhile use a torpedo level. Do not have one? Buy it on the right.

How to install air registers?
I have a chapter in my Ductwork Installation Guide book dedicated to this issue, or below.

52. Registers and Grills Installation* – the chapter describes registers and grills installation. Also, presents some important tips on how to do that.
The chapter has 3 pictures; 3 pages*. $1.86 (Instant Access).

Return Grille Locations.

Air Distribution & ASHRAE Outlet Selection.,pdf file.

On 10/30/2011 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved.

How to install duct risers?
The same way you install the other ducts.

How to install furnace in attic?
I have a chapter in my Ductwork Installation Guide book dedicated to this issue. But I would suggest you to avoid this type of installation by any means!

How to install new burner in old furnace?
For this one it would be better to hire a pro.

How to install the ductwork for a furnace humidifier?
Oh, man it is very easy just send me some pictures of your furnace and humidifier and I’ll explain what to do!

How to isolate vibration in hot air heating ducts?
They don’t suppose to vibrate in the first place!

How to make a furnace plenum?
You can’t make a furnace plenum, but why do you need it anyway?

How to ruin an air conditioner unit?
This is an easy one! Grab a sledge hammer and beat it up till it flat.

How to seal plenum to furnace?
Just screw it down to furnace. No sealant required.

How to stop neighbors from listening through ductwork?
Shoot them.

How to train ductwork in Bangladesh?
Dude, I have no freaking idea!

How to use cool air from basement?
It doesn’t work, but you can give it a try, just open the end cap on the return duct. Get more info on this page.

I'd like to move the floor vent in my dining room to the wall, any major issues with doing that?
No. Learn how to do it on this page or below.

...How to Add a Heat Run

So, if you have tried to implement the Closing Supply Register tip and it did not give you any furnace cycle time reduction, or it’s significantly increased the temperature rise in your furnace then most likely you should add a heat run or two….

If I cover the cold air return in my ceiling, will my back rooms get warm?
Are you kidding me, how could I know?

If I off the a/c in summer, any problem occurs?
No, you just going to be sweaty and smelly like a mouse, that’s all.

Is furnace noise dangerous?
Yes, it can drive you crazy!

Is it code to have a fresh air intake?

Is it difficult to install ductwork?
For me? Piece of cake!

Is it normal for air to be sucked in through condensate drain hole in air handler?
No, there should be a condensate trap installed.

Is it possible to receive radio broadcast through furnace ducts?
That’s for sure! You even can watch TV! It's just depends on what you are smoking.

Is the furnace supposed to make a loud noise when going off?

Is there DVD training on duct installation?
There are two DVDs available, but I saw both trial versions and I would not recommend you to use it as a training course.

Is there flex heating duct installation tips?
There is an installation manual in every flex duct box. Buy one on the right and learn how to install.

I've been told by an AC contractor that I need an EZ Trap to be able to clean out clogs in the condensate drain line myself. I went to install it into the existing drain line and there is not enough space between the port and the lines where the coolant come in. They won't budge, so I need to relocate to another drain port. Does it matter which port I use?

The port right next to the existing drain line would fit the EZ Trap if it is functionally the same as the one with the existing drain.
That Freon line is soft copper and easy to bend and unless you are a klutz you should not kink it.
You don't want to use that other port as it is higher than the lower one and the water level in the coil will go up. It is actually a overflow port where you can have a extra drain attached in case the lower one plugs up. Rarely used but it is there.
As long as it is lower than the existing drain it should work. The air handler should be level from left to right and then it will work. Use the furthest away to the right port as it is lowest.
That plastic overflow/drip pan usually is drained outside as well. Otherwise it could fill up and overflow. Yours looks like it has the pipe going nowhere.
If you cannot drain it then I would put in a water detector alarm aka water bug alarm/sensor. You can get some that tie into the house alarm that you can buy on the right.

My system has return air filters downstairs at the register grills and there is a 1" filter directly on the unit upstairs. Should I run filters on both or just one?
Filters won't hurt anything. Use them on both systems to keep the A-coil cleaner if nothing else. How often they get changed depends on how much dust and dirt is in your house.

Need to extend an HVAC return trunk an additional 32". What's the correct way to do this?
It's an odd size of 8 x 20 with a spot welded cap at the end. It’s needed to maximize additional air return.
Most ducts are connected using "S" locks and "Drives. The S locks seal and stabilize the horizontal edge, the drives are vertical locks that slide on tracks at the ends of each piece of duct to draw it together and seal the duct, then folded over to keep them from sliding off.
If the verticals don’t have the tracks folded over to allow the drive to be slid on, measure that piece of duct and have a new one made up along with the extension. Bend the ends up, grab the drive with a pair of channelock and hammer it off. It should slide off.

Should cold air returns be high or low in rooms?
Yes, but better high and low.

Should the duct takeoffs come off the sides of the supply plenum or the end and top?
From the top and sides.

The wall is an outside wall; would the sill plate interfere with the ability to connect to the duct work in the basement below?

What are the symptoms of bad duct installation?
Please visit my Wall of Shame page.

What do I use to connect the return from the enclosed stud cavity to the main return?
Joist space.

What does a ductwork installer do?
Well, an average ductwork installer one hour a day is smoking, one hour a day is spending in a Porta John, one hour a day is taking lunch and coffee brakes, one hour a day is talking on his and company phones, a half hour a day looking for his tools and materials and only four hours a day is actually working.
But because he is listening the same radio station every day at least ten hours a day he is very busy singing those songs and as a result he doesn’t have enough time to pay attention what the f..k he is doing!

What does a HVAC sheet metal duct installer do?
You are going to be surprised man: working, just working! If you need more information purchase my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

What happens if you block furnace intake with picture?
This is not good, if of course it is a furnace intake of your mother-in-law!

What if there is no cold air return in finished basement?
Just install it!

Cold Air Return from Interior Wall 

This page gives a description on the installation of the cold air return from the interior wall, which separates two rooms in the finished basement. On this page you can see pictures of all necessary tools and materials and pictures of the system elements installed. There are 19 pictures on this page. All installation is divided into three steps which represent the entire project in the making.

Installation on the paid page might not exactly describe your upcoming project. However, it will give you an important example of how this type of installation should be done. In addition, it will open the gates for as many questions as necessary to make sure that the job is done right.

What is needed for a ducted installation?
House, furnace, ductwork and my Ductwork Installation Guide book!


What is the easiest ductwork to install?
The easiest ductwork to install is insulated and un-insulated flex.

What is the minimum distance from the end of a trunk, when adding a take-off?
For proper static at the end of the duct, it is 18", but in a real live, you can set a take-off in any available place, except on the end cap.

What is the proper way to attach a flex duct to a register box? (Tie wrap, silver duct tape, mastic).
Insulated flex ducts should be attached to the floor/ceiling boots using zip ties. And you can buy them on the right.

What is the tapping or popping sound in my interior and exterior walls?
Oval stacks, ducts, B-vent pipes, copper, and PVC pipes can make such sounds, however most to the people thinking that it is just woodpeckers…

When joining two lengths of flex pipe should there be a metal piece or can they just be taped together?
Where you're butting two pieces together you definitely need a metal sleeve in there. You can buy this piece on the right.

When to install a cold air return?
Well, better in the morning, never after a few beers in the afternoon!

Where I can find ductwork problem solutions?
Here on my website!

Where I can find free online tips for installation 95% furnace pipes?
Free? I can explain but not for free!

Where I can find free tips to install ductwork?
Look, in my Ductwork Installation Guide I have 62 chapters with hundreds of useful installation tips. Are you serious that someone will provide you with free tips? Would you do that for your profession? I don't think so! However, you can find three sources on the web:

  • Two DVD DIY courses
  • Two outdated pdf files

By the way these courses aren't for free either, but even in the very short introductory versions they made so many mistakes that I would not recommend you to buy it at all, unless you want to learn how not to install ductwork properly!

Where I can find sheet metal duct riser installation book?
C'mon man you do not need the freaking book, you need only one page (or below) and it's here on my website.

Duct Offset & Riser Formula

This page is designated to the professional visitors of my website. There you can find explanations for:

  1. Offset (Riser) calculation formula
  2. Length of a duct between two Flat or Stack 45* (30*; 60*) calculation formulas without using a center line method

Where is the best point to attach the return to the system?
At the cold air return duct.

Where should cold air return be located in the basement in Alberta?
In the same place it is located in any basement in Canada.

Where to install a cold air return in a basement room?
8" off the floor in the interior wall.

Which is more quite for noise flex or tin duct?

Why after finishing basement cold air return not working?
Because someone who get it installed did not know WTF he was doing...

Why are cold air returns high on the wall?
This one is a very interesting question!

Why do ants get into motors & air conditioners?
Because you did not put on the “No Trespassing” sign! Buy one on the right.

Why do I have noisy cold air return?
Most likely cold air return is undersized. You can easily add another one or increase size of the existing one. Let me know if you would like do it by yourself.

Why does my duct work make noise with the heat on?
It’s because HVAC techs weren’t experienced or educated enough. But I can help you to resolve your issue!

Why does my duct work make noise?
Well, pay $9.17 and I’ll help you to find out!

Why furnace doesn't turn on until I tap the gray box?
I do not know, but grab a sledge hammer and resolve this issue once and for all!

Why is my basement so cold?
Why do you think that you can find an answer to this question on the web? Ask it on this page and we will discuss your issue!

Why is there a screw on the vent pipe coming out of my furnace?
There suppose to be not only one screw, but three for every connection.

Why there is a scratching noise in ductwork?
Dude, let that cat out!

I currently have a furnace running off natural gas which vents through the roof using PVC. Would it be possible to join a condensing tankless water heater which vents with PVC down stream about 10-15 ft and use a common exhaust?
Most can be run out a wall, but I think you can do it, but then you have to increase the pipe size, install a 45* wye and another one on the water heater pipe to drain out the rain water and condensate generated in the furnace exhaust.  

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, try links to the other pages of this kind below.
Please follow the links provided on these pages, they would lead you to the free or paid pages on my site or even to the other sites where you can get your question answered!
If you are still cannot find an answer to your simple question, just ask it on this
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. Price for the question is only $1.34 and if I have already a paid page with the answer to your question, you will pay nothing. If that page is pricier that $1.34 you will pay for the page, but I will refund your money back to your PayPal account.
If I do not have an answer to your specific question, I will refund your money as well.

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