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                                     Wall of Pride 2

Wall of Pride Participation Rules

If the HVAC Company you had hired did any type of installation and did an excellent job for your household, you can say thanks to them by posting some photographs and comments on this page

. Just let me know about it and I will e-mail you back in a timely manner.

Furthermore, if you are not sure that this or that installation can qualify to be posted on the Wall of Pride or on the Wall of Shame pages, or maybe on something in between, such as Wall of Ignoramuses

page you can do the following:

Send me at least 10 pictures of the installation and I will evaluate if it deserves to be posted on any of the above pages. While doing that I will let you know if there are present any mistakes you should be aware of, and I'll do it for you absolutely free!

These Wall of Pride Participation Rules were posted about six years ago and nobody ever decided to participate...

So I have no choice but to post my own photos of my own installations...
These photos will be posted weekly so you could see for yourself how furnace and ductwork installations must be done.

Furthermore, if you happens to live in the Big Detroit area such as Novi, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, Orion Lake, Macomb, etc and involved in the process of building a new house and willing to have your HVAC system done right send me an e-mail from this page and I'll help you to contact the HVAC Company I'm currently working for. And of course I'll make sure that I personally will do the basement part of the installation.

House in Plymouth (Builder - Stroble)


Furnace front view
Furnace back view

Ductwork: cold air return and two supply ducts
Heat runs and blocked cold air returns

Heat run to the crawl space
Basement heat

Dryer exhaust
Zone damper

Why do these pictures are published on the Wall of Pride pages?

Some of you may ask this question above and some of you may ask the question below...

What makes this narcissistic guy to think that his installation is worth of displaying it on the Wall of Pride pages?

Well, lets compare my installations with the installations done by the others. In the pictures below you can see images taken from three houses: in two of them all the ductwork/furnace installation were performed by two very experienced guys with 20+ years of experience. Both of them were hired 6 month ago along with me. Both of them are doing one house in three days - so do the math, but both of them, oddly enough, have never purchased my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book and as a result:


Look at this terrible venting! If you are one of the owners of these houses and decided to risk your life by going down to the basement please don't forget to put a hard head on otherwise please don't forget to say hello to my ancestors...

Why did this guy drop PVC pipes below the joists we would never know...

Look at this venting terminations - don't even try to walk next to this pipe in the dark unless you've already got a life insurance...
And the other venting termination looks ugly too - first off it's terminated a bit too far from the wall and a piece of pipe between two elbows is definitely too long...

The same PVC installation performed by another installer - I wouldn't surprised if they actually are brothers...
And eventually you are able to see how this type of termination should be done by the guy who's not only read by even wrote the  above e-book.

And here you can see two more venting installations perform by me. I hope you see the difference...


This riser installation was definitely done wrong. As you can see the riser is hanging in the air and the canvas should be installed after it (compare it with installation below), but not before...
It seems to me that the second installer at first forget to install the canvas in the place where it belongs... And when he got it installed he forgot to line it up with the duct - it's just a very shameful installation...

And here is how this kind of installation must be performed.

Heat Runs

This flex in the picture is hanging down too low, compare it to the installation on the right.

The white insulation looks ugly enough of being exposed on these heat runs, compare it in the picture on the right.

I'm sorry for the harsh words but this idiot is definitely screw this heat run up! Learn how it should be done in the picture on the right.

Fresh Air & Combustion Air Intakes

The distance between these TJI joists is a bit larger than between the conventional ones, it's why you have to hang flex to every second joist, otherwise it looks ugly.


And in the last picture you can see the ductwork that is installed as a whole.
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