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My DIY Projects

In ten years of living in my house, I was involved in the numerous DIY projects. For example – I painted the garage, insulated the attic, planted the sod, and did a landscaping.
Below you can see pictures of the other projects I was involved in. In addition, there you can find three YouTube players with the videos related to my projects, enjoy!

Crown Molding

I installed crown molding in the master bathroom, second and first floor hallways, and in the kitchen


It was my very first project in the house









Finishing Basement off

I made three rooms in my 700 square foot basement and installed plastic floor tiles in the mechanical room.















List of YouTube Videos

01. How To Install Crown Molding Part 2: Installing & Finishing - The Home Depot
02. Fancy Crown Molding Corners
03. Fireplace Decorating 2 - Handmade Mantels
04. Basement Evolution
05. Wall Plate to Concrete the Start to Building the Basement Walls
06. Basement Framing Layout
07. How to Build a Deck Part 1: Getting Started - The Home Depot
08. How to Build a Deck Part 2: Tools You'll Need - The Home Depot
09. How to Build a Deck Part 3: Framing - The Home Depot
10. How to Build a Deck Part 4: Laying a Deck - The Home Depot
11. How to Build a Deck Part 5: Stairs & Railings - The Home Depot

Shower Replacement

In the master bathroom I replaced a fiberglass shower and a facet with the shower panel and installed four soap dispensers

Three Organized Closets

Hardwood floor and Hardwood Staircase

On the second floor, I replaced a carpet with the hard wood flooring

List of YouTube Videos

01. Replacing a Shower Pan
02. Closet Organizing Tips: Shirt Overflow in Closets
03. Hardwood Floor Installation
04. How to Install Westhollow Solid Hardwood Flooring
05. How to Install a Solid Hardwood Floor
06. Wood flooring installation
07. Staining a Hardwood Floor
08. Removing the Stair Nose for Hardwood Installation
09. ReadyStep - Installation

Kitchen and First Floor Bathroom Remodeling Project

I saved some money by removing old countertops in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Replacement

The countertop installers glued the sinks in for me, but I have saved some money when I hooked them to the sewage by myself.

Toilet Paper and Towel Bar Replacement

The toilet and towel, the toilet paper bars replacement is a very easy DIY projects, even a monkey can do it!

Kitchen and Bathroom Facets Replacement and Bathroom Mirror Replacement

This one is also a very easy project – just follow the installation manual and a success is guaranteed!

Kitchen Electrical Outlets Replacement

List of YouTube Videos

01. Habitat - Deconstruction - Remove Cabinets; Counter Tops
02. Habitat - Deconstruction - Remove Sink & Dishwasher
03. How to Remove and Replace a Kitchen Sink
04. Kitchen Countertop
05. Home Improvement & Repair on Video: How to Install or Repair a Towel Rack
06. Home Repair & Maintenance: How to Hang Towel Racks
07. Home Improvement & Maintenance: Removing a Kitchen Faucet
08. How to Replace a Bath Faucet - The Home Depot
09. Replace Sink Faucet
10. Bathroom Mirror Prank Funny
11. How to Hang a Mirror
12. Home Maintenance: Electrical Repair: How to Change Electrical Outlets
13. Do It Your Damn Self: Kitchen Faucet
14. Do It Your Damn Self: Kitchen Faucet Part 2
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