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Ducted Cold Air Return

Sometimes there is not enough room to pipe a cold air return into the duct. In this case, you can use a 10” x 3 ¼” or 12” x 3 ¼” duct to bring a jumper for cold air return closer to the joists.

List of materials needed for the project:

10” drive, 10” S-cleat, 10” x 3 ¼” End cap, 10” x 3 ¼” duct, Single sheeting 10” x 3 ¼”,  Toe Kick 90*
14” x 6” Cold air frame

List of the tools needed for the project:

Hammer,  Flat screwdriver, Tape measure, Hand simmers, Red aviation snips, Replaceable-blade snips

There are a lot of basements with low ceilings and if you are trying to finish one of them off it could be a problem of runnning a cold air return. It's why sometimes instead of 6” pipes and fittings better to use 10”x 3 ¼” ducts and fittings. In this particular case below, a cold air return was ran in a closet, where after the job was completed they built a drop ceiling.

In order to better organize an explanation of the execution of this project I would like to divide it into  several steps:

Step #1 – Connection of a 10” x 3 ¼” Toe Kick 90” to the existing sheeting:...

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