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Double Cold Air Return Installation

Cold air return is one of the most important parts of the finished basement project. The main goal of the cold air return installation is to make air circulation. In the winter time it will remove cool air off the floor and help replace it with warm air from the supply registers, in the summer time it will remove moisture and create a healthy environment.

Double cold air returns are necessary to use in large basements or in basements with a big open space. If basement has bedrooms it would be a good idea to have a cold air return for each room, otherwise one double cold air return would be more than enough.

Of course, if you have a zoning system where one zone works only for the basement you might need more returns, but in the basement it’s always a good idea to have less cold air returns than supplies!
If you found your way to this page I can assume that most likely you are interested in the double cold air return installation. Some of the visitors of my website already purchased an access to the paid page and I’m not surprised why. Recently I've spent more than an hour looking for DIY information on how to install a cold air return in general and a double return in particular, but didn’t find anything! I dug through hundreds of websites and found out that only my website can give you a comprehensive step-by-step explanation with pictures of installation, tools and materials!

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Double Cold Air Return Installation

If in your finished basement, you have a big open area you may use so called Double Cold Air Return:

List of materials needed for the project:


10” drives                           10” S-cleats                       10” x 8” End Cap


 10” x 8” Duct                     8” Collar                                 Floor Angle


  Single Sheeting           30” x 6” Cold Air Frame  8” Elbow


 8” Pipe                                8” Damper                               

List of tools needed for the project:


  Cordless Drill        Replaceable-blade Snips Tape Measure          Red Snips


Green snips                      Crimpier                           12” Folder              Scratch Awl


Drywall Saw              Hand Simmers           Flat Screwdriver                Magic Marker






In order to better organize an explanation of the execution of this project I would like to divide it into several steps:

Step 1- Making a box from a 10” x 8” duct:

Double cold air return got this name because it’s using two stud spaces. As we know the distance between two studs
on center is 16”. However you can’t just rely on this knowledge, you must take a measurement first. So, here we go:...

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