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New Air Handler, Furnaces Install

Charles A. Mims, MS
CM Mechanical Services, Inc. Cleburne, TX

A compilation of some of our work at a new retirement home.

Up flow with internally lined square duct supply trunk line and return plenum. Obviously not finished yet. We still have to wire it, run condensate lines, cut taps, and run flex to the registers. The old slant coils are soon to be a thing of the past, so we're going to have to change the way we run our returns in the future. The copper isn't great. I should have bent it more snug to the unit. It's out of the way of the unit to the left, so service won't be difficult.










Copper lines for the ADP coils which will eventually be sitting atop our Bryant 95% furnaces.
















A shot of my newest toys. I got the compact swage tool as well as the compact bender. I was a little skeptic at first, but these tools have saved me a bunch on fittings, silfos and time! We used to braze a 90* at the end of the line to penetrate through the wall. Not any more! Another great change is that we no longer have to braze both sides of a coupling in the attic when a line set must be extended. These tools were mocked at the start of day one running our copper (Monday), but they're everybody's best friend today! If you've been on the fence about buying one of these, do yourself a favor and snatch up the next one you see. You will not be disappointed.








Some of my furnace vent piping. I hate purple primer!












A quick look at some of the square duct we ran. It sucks when you're screwed by the trusses. We had to travel 20' out of our path to get our trunk line where it needed to go.















8" dryer vents.

















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