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       Can I Replace Galvanized Ducts with Flexible Ones?

Today I had my old SEAR 10 Goettl heat pump replaced with an American Standard Heritage 14.

Overall the work went pretty well. I chose to go with a down shot configuration as you can see in the pics. The install on the roof looks pretty good to me.

DISCLAIMER: I'm getting a new roof installed in a couple of weeks so the flashing isn't permanent. The roofers will do it right. They also reworked my ducts in the attic. They replaced the old beat up, round rigid ducts with flex coming from the plenums. They also installed a damper in the left supply duct so I can limit the airflow in the shorter run to the upstairs and direct more air downstairs. So far the damper isn't helping as much as I hoped for. I am a little concerned about the left supply and the return installation. There are some tight bends in the flex ducts.

I did get the duct work redone in the attic where it is accessible. That's why I posted picture of the new flex. I also did have a blower door test done before and my house was average. I didn't keep the old rigid ducts because 1) they were leaking, and 2) they could only have been kept if I went with a twist elbow because the old unit was an over/under.
The plenums are insulated.
Does this look okay?

I know you are happy with the job. I want you to be happy, but some things could have been completed a bit differently. It is not the most professional job you could have paid for. The rigid duct would have been nice to keep, at least some 90's on the bottom of the Plenums. That is one nifty roof curb.
I'm not seeing any straps on the flex. Code is every 4 ft. Get them to come back & support the ducts. The duct connections to the plenums are pretty sloppy IMO. You can see the pink insulation hanging out the ends of the flex where they attached with zip ties. That should have been covered with either cut wrap or foil bubble insulation or taped- or something. Just looks sloppy to me. 15 minute fix.

In terms of ugliness – looks like a flagpole stuck up there that high on the roof. Most of that are them centering the curb over the existing openings which moved the whole package further up the roof. Won't affect operation or efficiency but I would have slid that whole unit as far down the roof as I could to minimize the view from the front street. Curb is nice – we use the same one. Silicone over all screws that penetrate it though (conduit). Stat wire belongs in conduit or since they came up inside the curb – they could drill a hole through base of unit- then seal & no wires would show.
Overall – not bad. Just minor stuff.


So I had the install company come back. They improved the duct work by adding a rigid 90 elbow to the left supply. They also strapped everything per spec.

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