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                 How to Drop Register to Shallow Ceiling 

1. List of materials needed for the project:


Floor angles                        Sheet metal              Silicon  

Zip screws, Sheeting nails

2. List of tools needed for the project:



Cordless drill                         Hammer                           Red snips
Green snips                       Straight cut snips                 12” folder



Caulk gun                             Tape measure                    Hand simmers       


Flat screwdriver                          Magic marker

In order to better organize an explanation of the execution of this project I would like to divide it into several steps:

Step #1   - Get rid of old registers and patch openings in the ductwork:

  • Unscrew old registers by using cordless drill with ¼” magnetic socket
  • Make patches and screw them down over the openings

It is very easy to make a patch. If you have to block a 10” x 4” opening in the duct:

P. 1

Cut a 12” x 6” piece of sheeting by using a straight-cut or red snips.....

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                       How to Drop Register to Shallow Ceiling 

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