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                             Ogee Offset Controversy 

Recently I received this email:

“Tim Portman, Portman Mechanical. Olmsted Falls, OH

"I'd like my money back.  I run a sheet metal shop and was looking for the design of an ogee fitting which it looks like you had on your website.  You're fitting isn't actually correct and you didn't explain the layout.  If you would have laid it out I would have been happy to pay the $25.

Check out his video (, this is how you lay out an ogee fitting. I'll be doing this tomorrow with a large offset.  I think it's great what you're doing but the ogee offset, the only fitting I was really interested in, is not correct.  Please refund my $24.99.

Thank you.”

First of all, if you’re interested only in one tutorial, why would you buy the e-book as a whole?

Secondly, I never mentioned ogee offset on my site! The closest by shape to ogee layout is in the Chapter 7. How to Make Radius Offset with Hand Tools. So, if you’re interested in only one tutorial do not purchase this e-book or any e-book on my site as a whole. Buy only one chapter and if you like it or thinking that you may need to have an access to entire e-book then buy it as a whole and I’ll refund your first purchase!

But let’s take a closer look at the ogee fitting. Nobody in his straight state of mind making such monsters and here quite a few reasons for that:

  • Yes, this type of fitting looks great, but its layout explained in the video is way too complicated
  • As a result of this layout you may waste a lot more sheet metal than necessary
  • And finally, any other tin shop instead of ogee offset would make two flat 45*-s or 90*-s

Below you can see and compare pictures of the ogee offset layout and two offset layouts made by using my method presented in the e-book.

Ogee offset’s “cheek” layout

Smaller radius offset “cheek” layout

Larger radius offset “cheek” layout

As far as I’m concern, the size of the “cheek” in any given spot should be the same (20”) and it is 20”! Other than that is irrelevant, and leading to unnecessary waist of time, materials and money. However, if any of you still want to try to make an ogee offset and not happy with the explanations given in the video above, please email me all measurements and I’ll make one for you. By the way, the way I draw the layout is a bit less complicated than in the video and you may benefit from that too. The price for this tutorial will be in the same range as the others - $2.50, unless you will insist on the larger size.

So, after my explanations I never heard from Tim again – and this is a good sign!

7. How to Make Radius Offset with Hand Tools

If you compare this radius offset (on the left) to square throat offset below there is not much difference. However it looks better and it has lower resistance to the airflow. Of course it's a bit more complicated to make - it might take extra 10 minutes or so to draw an outline, make and put all parts together, but it worth the effort.

So, if you would like to learn how to make this kind of an offset with hand-tools only, please hit the Buy Now button below. Then, for the price of only $2.50 you will gain an instant access to the unique page with 39 high quality photos on it set in the step-by-step sequence with brief explanations.

14. How to Make Square Throat Offset with Hand Tools

OK, it's not too difficult to figure out how to make this kind of offset! But how would you make the Pittsburgh seam, both parts of it - the female and male parts without machine??? Well, if you are looking for the answer to this question, for the price of only $2.50 you can find it out by purchasing an instant access to the page that has it all! 

Totally Hand Made Duct Fittings

Not too long ago I, like many of you, sincerely thought that the way of making any kinds of sheet metal fittings is only possible by using sheet metal brake and metal forming machines! Not anymore:

From late Fall and Winter of 2015 through May 2016 I made more than twenty most frequently-used sheet metal fittings without using any of these very expensive machines.

All the fitting that you see in the picture on the left I made with hand-tools only!

The price of all 35 tutorials below, if you would buy them separately is $90.00, however if you would like to purchase an instant access to all of them at the same time you can do it for a low price of only $29.99!

List of Tutorials:

  1. How to Make Cone Reducer
  2. How to Make Square to Round Offset Transition
  3. How to Make Round to Square Transition
  4. How to Make 45* Roof Penetration
  5. How to Make Radius Elbow
  6. How to Make 45* Radius Elbow
  7. How to Make Radius Offset
  8. Now to Make Radius Riser
  9. How to Make Offset and Riser in One Piece
  10. How to Make 90* Square Throat Elbow
  11. How to Make 45* Square Throat Elbow
  12. How to Make Vertical Elbow
  13. How to Make Square to Rectangular Vertical Elbow
  14. How to Make Square Throat Offset
  15. How to Make Square Throat Riser
  16. How to Make Square Throat Tee
  17. How to Make Transition Tee
  18. How to Make Y- Branch Fitting
  19. How to Make Riser Starting Transition
  20. How to Make Flat on Top & Side Starting Transition
  21. How to Make Centralized Hess Fitting
  22. How to Make Flat on One Side Hess Fitting
  23. How to Make 45* Hess Fitting
  24. How to Make Flat Duct Reducer
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  26. How to Make Flat & Vertical Duct Reducer
  27. How to Make Transition from Your New Furnace to Old Plenum
  28. How to Make 20 x 20 to 30 x 25, One Inch Offset Transition
  29. How to Make 24 x 10 to 10 x 24 Duct Transition
  30. How to Make Transition from Duct with Hand Tools
  31. How to Make Flat Offset Transition from Duct
  32. How to Make Transition from Whole Duct
  33. How to Make Turning Veins
  34. How to Make Wye with Hand Tools
  35. How to Make Round End Cap with Hand Tools
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