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Malco TY4G Tensioning Tie Tool

Product Description
Attaches nylon ties to flex duct and sheet metal take-offs. Works on all ties including thin designs. Comfortable cushion grip handles.

Customer Review

Great product!! I replaced all of the flex-duct in our home this past weekend, and this tool did an outstanding job. I'm using it in a home environment, not professionally, so I can't speak about long-term durability. For my purposes it was excellent, and the price was great. Thanks!
                                 DUCTWORK IN ATTIC

Ductwork in the attic usually run from two sources:

  • From furnace installed anywhere in a house or in attic
  • From air handler installed in a house or in attic

There are several reasons for running ductwork in attic:

  • House is very big and spacious and there are not enough walls for all heat runs and cold air returns
  • It's an existing house
  • Its location in deep South

56. Air Handler Installation*# – the chapter provides examples of air handler installation in the attic and describes ductwork installation techniques for existing houses. The chapter has 23 pictures; 7 pages*. $2.50 (Instant Access).
PDF files:
Air handler Installation Manual.
Proper Subcooling Charging Techniques.

#From code:
M1305.1.3 Appliances in attics.

On 03/18/2015 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. Link to the International Code added (01/18/2012).


I have a Reem 4 ton split 10 seer that is 17 years old. I have been getting estimate on 16 seer units. Out of four contractors, only one has said there is a problem with the return and supply plenums and need to be redone. He said that the way it is you will not get good airflow and it will be very difficult to balance the system. He also said we need to add another return air grill, because my 20 by 30 grill is shy of 800 sq inches needed. I took some pictures of the plenums. I just do not know if he is right, but he did sound pretty knowledgeable.


The thing is that not only are your plenums not correct, your flex duct is terribly, terribly sloppy which is cutting your airflow drastically.
Flex needs to be as short as possible, it needs to be hung properly not laying all over the floor. It also needs to be pulled tight as possible, no sagging. When the air turns down it should be a metal elbow.
Now your dealer is saying your return air is short. This is bad on your equipment. Its like you trying to run a race with your nose taped shut.
Now the thing you need to know is that under close to ideal situation you will need 1600 cfm feeding the indoor coil and being returned to the blower.
It would not be unreasonable to have the dealer you end up with show you the charts or guides that show you what size flex runs and returns will give you the 1600 cfm.
I would baulk at anything lower than 1400 cfm.

Attic Ductwork Installation

This page is dedicated to the attic ductwork installation, runing of the ductwork in chase, furnace and garage tube heater installation. You can see 71 high quality pictures that represent project in the making!
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Furthermore, if you just bought the "Attic Ductwork Installation" page you may find another way of running ductwork in the attic.

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