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                              PLENUM INSTALLATION 

A supply air plenum is a sheet metal box that attaches to the outlet of a furnace, air handler, or A/C coil and is used as a central manifold for other ductwork or take-offs to connect to (see P. 162 & P. 164). Such a design allows creating a static pressure, which is necessary for the system of ductwork to hold in all elements of the system equal quantity of airflow.

Plenums are possible to divide into three categories conditionally:

  • Integral plenum (P. 161)
  • Two-piece plenum (P. 162)
  • Two-piece plenum with a canvas between them (P. 163)

P. 161                                                                  P. 162

1. Integral plenum

An integral plenum usually used in rather low basements, and it comprises a box with the ½” hem and a Top Cap (P. 161). The sizes of the box on ¼" - ½” exceed the sizes of a furnace flange or the same kind of flange on an air conditioning coil.

Upon arrival at the job-site a Top Cap usually is not attached to the plenum with the reason to allow you to fit it in place.

P. 163                                             P. 164

While measuring plenum's height, take into consideration that the plenum’s top must be 1” below the joists. That means that from your measured number, that was taken from the A/C coil (furnace), you should deduct...

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