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22. Uncommon Cases Cold Air Returns Installations first part of the chapter is devoted to an explanation on how to cut sheet metal the right way, after that it will present nine uncommon cases of the cold air returns installation .
The chapter has 36 pictures; 21 pages*. $3.41 (Instant Access)

Are you looking for a job? Not yet? When you will, they are going to ask you about your experience and it should be at least from three to five years or even more than that! However, under a good supervision one year is just enough to put your hands on it!
So, why do they need more, are they crazy? No, they are not! They just need to know that you are able to do your job without asking too many questions!
My entire book is designed to help you out in this regard, but this chapter in particular! Once you have read this chapter, undoubtedly, you can claim that you have a knowledge equal of at least ten years of experience.

On 11/30/2014 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. Two more pictires added.

8. Bathbox for Two Rooms* – the chapter describes what should be done to the bathbox to make it works for two rooms. Also the chapter has a brief description of the uncommon case of the field made bathbox.

The chapter has 4 pictures; 3 pages*. $2.00 (Instant Access).


On 03/04/2014 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved.

34. Sheeting (Panning)* – the chapter covers almost all possible cases of the joist's panning  with a wide variety of uncommon cases, presents how to deal with penetration of the wires, copper and PVC pipes.
The chapter has 59 pictures; 29 pages*. $2.50 (Instant Access).

Summary Report for:
47-2211.00 - Sheet Metal Workers

On 12/28/2014 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. One picture added.

50. Condensate Line, Venting and Condencate Line for Comfortmaker, Aire-Flo, Lenox and Rheem furnaces*# – the

chapter is divided in two parts. The first one has a few cases that cover an installation of the condensate line for the Carrier furnaces. The second one talks about differences in venting installation and condensate lines installation for the Comfortmaker, Aire-flo, Rheem, Lennox and Goodman furnaces.
The chapter has 30 picture; 19 pages*. $3.41 (Instant Access).

On 03/11/2014 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. One pic. added
Condensate Lines and Condensate Pump.
Leaking PVC Pipe Tip
#From 2006 IRC M1411.3

Microwave Exhaust for Small Cabinets

If you have small cabinets there might be not enough room for the factory supplied damper or/and the collar can be off-center and you also cannot use 10" x 4" 6" straight boot and 6" elbow. In this case you have to do something else!

So, for the price of only $2.50 you can learn what should be done. This paid page has 25 high quality pictures with brief explanations.

49. Venting* – the chapter is divided in two parts and describes all possible cases of installation and termination of the
venting for 80% and 90+% furnaces.
The chapter has 66 pictures; 34 pages*. $2.69 (Instant Access).

Venting & Draining Condensing Gas Furnaces
Laundry and Condensing Furnaces Don't Mix.

On 12/18/2014 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. Two photos were added.


                                Wall of Ignoramuses 2
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In the picture to the left brave guys from Phil's Services created this monster many years ago! As a result, a homeowner – not so brave, is putting a hardhead on while doing something in the mechanical room and until recently insurance companies considered it as a pre-existing medical condition… Everyone taller than 5’ wasn’t welcome to this house. And only servicemen from Phil's Services were able to service the furnace, because only their hardwood made skulls could survive any impact and their tiny brains glued to their skulls with the Gorilla glue…

But why these ignoramuses created this gem in the first place? Because according to code a single wall pipe must be 6” away from any wood, but they probably thought that it should be much more than that.

In the picture to the right you can see how it was redone; and as a result, a homeowner is happy!

Submit your questions or comments here.

That how they rule in rural America!

A wise Chinese man once said "What has been seen cannot be unseen". This is going to be in the back of my mind from now on. That’s too funny. Wonder if the installers spoke English well? People are Idiots! NO... No... The owner of the business is an Idiot for hiring those idiots. And his mother should be punished for raising an idiot.

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It’ why we do need stricter gun control laws:

This is a standard 80% gas furnace installed in 2003.

As you can see the flue pipe is routed downward before it's routed up. Condensate will collect in the flue trap, not good!
The repair should be make adjustments so that the flue pipe terminates out the side verses below furnace.

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Here is what happens when a homeowner is trying to save a buck on my manuals
So, from now on he and his family will enjoy that elbow on the top of the cabinet till, well I do not know how long it will take to realize that this installation looks like shit!

However in his own words, at least for now, he’s really proud of himself:
“Here is what I have so far with my semi-rigid connection secured with 6" stainless steel clamps... didn't turn out as bad as I thought.” – Good luck with it…

That brick is ate up from the flue gases, soon enough they will have a new window!

Looks to me like someone found the missing piece of the puzzle... Sometime you just think, what were they thinking.
That job looks like it took 2 bags of 90s, a bag of tees and a fifth of liquor...
To sum up - don't play Tetris while installing.

Can't say it's not trapped.

Ignoramus who ran these exhaust and intake is definitely a birdwatcher - he loves swans, so I can't blame him, because everyone has his own fetish. However his boss is a moron, because only moron can keep such an idiot on a payroll...

Learn how it should be done on this page.

Installer who was working on this concentric kit is a victim of cuts to our space programs. I have no doubts that he is a formers NASA engineer! Because only this kind of guy could connect furnace exhaust to the concentric's intake and vice versa...
Why did he do that? Well, he was hoping that one day the concentric cap would fly into the outer space!

Above I was criticizing installers who didn't wasted too much time on educating themselves, so now I have to turn your attention to some of the manufacturers... These brave Canadian guys found the alternative to the good old sheet metal and flooded the market with pieces of cardboards faced with aluminum foil.

Honestly I wouldn't say that this is a very bad product at all, however the guys who produce it are a little bit lazy. Well, they are probably lazy to the point they have never bothered to install it themselves. I can imaging that on the design stage someone called to a friend who probably was a carpenter maybe 30 years ago and asked him - What is the distance between two joists? - 16" on center. That's it, no more questions were asked and time wasted!

And the result you can see in the pictures above...

In the case if you don't know the pieces of single sheeting always are 17" wide and double sheeting - 33", but thermo-pan guys are cutting their stuff 16" & 32" wide, as a result these nice looking pieces barely fit the joists. God forbid, if carpenters made a mistake and set joists a bit wider or joists itself have curves, then there is nothing or almost nothing remain to staple to.

So here is a question: How much money they are saving on this 1"? I hope it's billions of Canadian dollars otherwise they are welcome to my Wall of Ignoramuses page...

This two-way bath-box is working for a bathroom that serves two bedrooms. An ignorant installer doesn't care if an occupant of one bedroom would hear and even smell what his/her brother/sister is doing while sitting on the toilet. But who cares anyway...

This "cold air jumper" is completely wrong - only uneducated installer would make and install this piece of shit. So, why is it wrong? Because now the builder have to drop the ceiling in this closet and through the gaps in the corners the air from the attic will be sucked in.

In any high efficiency furnace installation manual you can find a picture like this one (on the left) which prohibits horizontal reducer installation... But who would read these stupid instructions?
This brave installer didn't read it at all, so did the inspector, who passed this kind of "illegal" installation without any problem. Or maybe he just had a neck pain? Who knows...

And here you can see how it should be done in the case if you are using PVC 45*-s and 90*-s.

Here is what happens when ignorant brick layers and ductwork installers join together to screw the job. The first ones after years of work still don't understand which way the exhaust PVC pipe must be pitched to. The others are too lazy to brake enough bricks to fix the problem. As a result the condensate accumulates in the elbow and the furnace shuts down....

Looks like a giant octopus trying to pull that RTU into it's dungeon.

This is why I don't like using the water flow analogy when explaining current flow. Some folks just take things waaay too literal...

Of course this blocker shouldn’t be there – this is just waste of time materials! Sometimes it’s very difficult to turn your head around – it can make you feel dizzy...

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