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Replacing a furnace sounds like a job that must be done by a professional. You may be surprised to know that by following my simple instructions, you can install your own furnace in no time...

Furnace Replacement in Pictures

If you are planning to replace your furnace, you may need to see 137 high quality pictures on this page! It doesn't matter if you are going to hire an HVAC company to do the job or not, but you should know how the installation must be done the right way!..

Plenum Installation

A supply air plenum is a sheet metal box that attaches to the outlet of a furnace, air handler, or AC coil and is used as a central manifold for other ductwork or take-offs to connect to...

Cold Air Duct Installation

Installation of the cold air return duct usually starts from that first piece which should be attached through a Canvas, Cold Air Drop and Cold Air Boot to a furnace...

Supply Duct Installation

The supply duct of a forced air heating/cooling system through which heated or cooled air is supplied to rooms by the action of the fan of the central heating or cooling unit...

Furnace Installation

When it comes to furnaces, there are a wide variety of different makes and models. All of them in many ways are similar though there may be characteristic differences between brands...

Furnace Replacement

HVAC companies that are specializing on the new construction usually do not too much involved in furnace replacement business or, if it is a big company, it may have a special department dedicated just to it...

Ductwork Insulation

Before insulating, seal all the gaps around drive, pipe connections and take-offs. The best stuff for duct seal are special mastics or duct sealants...

Ticking Noise Elimination

If you did not finish your basement off yet it would be relatively simple to fix. Also, if in your basement you have a drop ceiling - consider yourself as a lucky one, the most difficult task would be if your ductwork is covered with the drywall!..

Banging, Oil Canning Noise Elimination

The banging noise that you hear is the expanding and contracting of the ductwork when the system turns on and off. This could be caused by a few different reasons. It could be:...

Tools in My Work Apron

Have you ever wondered what kinds of tools an ordinary residential ductwork installer carrying in his pouch?
On this and on the following pages you can see a complete set of all necessary tools that I’m usually carrying in my pouch, keeping in my toolbox or having in my van...

Making a Drive Trick

What you can see in the picture is a 14” x 8” stack 90* with a transition to 14” x14”. Manufacturer made drives and S-sides on the wrong sides: where you see drives suppose to be S-sides and vice-versa...

Top of the Line House Ductwork Installation

Maybe you are not planning to build a 10,000 square feet house and spend something around $85,000.00 on the HVAC installation in the foreseeable future, but you're definitely may find some interesting ideas which even I wasn't familiar with...

Sheet Metal Tools

Buy HVAC tool from Amazon on my site and save!

Repair or Replace Card

Furnace and Air Handler...

Attic Ductwork Installation

Recently I’ve installed ductwork in the attic space. Personally I don’t like this kind of installation, but a homeowner decided to build a master bedroom, master bathroom, two laundry rooms and two additional rooms above two and three car garages with a bridge...

My DIY Projects

In fifteen years of living in my house, I was involved in the numerous DIY projects. For example – I painted the garage, insulated the attic, planted the sod, and did a landscaping.
Below you can see pictures...

Split Level Ranch Remodel

The middle of this house sits on a low basement and there are four bedrooms on the split-level side – two downstairs and two upstairs at the one wing and a family room and a master site at another...

Offset and Riser Formula 

On this page you can find out how to calculate an Offset and a Riser, and formulas on how to find a distance between two flat and stack forty-fives and more!...

Closing Cold Air Grills

As everybody knows the cold air sinks down, but the warm air rises up. For example in the summertime, when warm air fills your house you have to run it through A/C coil to cool it down. As your A/C unit picks up warm air from the ceiling, it will be replaced by cool air coming from the supply vents...

Toolbox on Wheels

Learn how to make a toolbox on wheels in no time and surprise your entire crew of the ductwork installers just like I did it recently! Price is only $1.00!...

Furnace, A/C Replacements in Apartments

This page is designed for those who wants to see basics of the furnace and air conditioner installation. Currently there are 45 high quality photos on the page and price is only $1.34....

Garage Heater Installation

The furnace, which you can see in P. 448, is called a garage heater.
While doing Rough-in, in the middle of the stud space that is chosen for this purpose, place a piece of 10”pipe...

Existing Plenum Transformation

Sometimes, when you’re replacing an old furnace, the existing plenum is larger than a new furnace just for 1”...

How to Use Drive-cleat Tips 

Every ducter knows how to use drive-cleats. Is this statement true or false? Well, according to my experience it's definitely false!
Why? I do not know why... However, I'm sorry but I know it for sure. During my 30 years in this business I realized that because there is no comprehensive Ductwork Installation book on the market (but only mine) every 3-month experienced guy training a newbie and as a result nobody knows anything...

Oops! I Set Furnace in Wrong Place

Of course it wasn't my mistake... Just look at the blueprint below... However a homeowner was never informed about furnace location and in his dreams he was foreseeing furnace should be installed 43" closer to the side wall...

Mobile Home Furnace & A/C Coil Replacement

Learn how to replace a mobile home furnace on this free page.


This website is designed for people:                              
I have been working as an HVAC installer and later as a mechanical engineer for 33 years and discovered that there no manuals and/or books for this type of work. But I created six of them that I believe are very good and useful for anyone who wants to learn HVAC installation. was created in August 2006. Since then it has become massive and the most reliable source of information!

Currently it has:
  • One hundred and two main menu and parent pages
  • One hundred and fifty paid and download pages, many of which also have additional information
  • Six helpful books
On the, you can find answers to many ductwork, furnace/air handler and related questions, such as noise reduction and elimination, energy conservation, furnace replacement and so on. has 5675 pictures, 69 pdf files, 386 YouTube video clips, hundreds of books, tools and other products from, thousands registered users from the U.S.A.,
US Virgin Islands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UK, China, Australia, Philippines, India, S. Korea, France, Malaysia, Zimbabwe and Canada.

Ductwork Installation Guide

Introducing a completely current and innovative way to learn the basics of Ductwork and Furnace Installation!...

Finished Basement Edition

This e-book is about doing your own ductwork. Doing your own ductwork has significant financial advantages...

Kitchen Remodeling Edition

When it comes to the duct work, kitchen remodeling requires resolving some of the most important issues, which...

Energy     Saving      Edition

On my website I'm offering very important step-by-step guidance's how to implement EST and what is even more...

Double Cold Air Return Installation

Cold air return is one of the most important parts of the finished basement project. The main goal of the cold air return...

Basement Cold Air Return in Pictures

On this page, you can see pictures of all materials and tools necessary for installation. Pictures, which represent installation...

Cold Air Return in Basement

I'm remodeling my basement. It has 4 heat vents and no cold air returns. The basement is always cold. Do I need to add cold air return...

Cold Air Return from Interior Wall

Here on this page you can find some other ways on how to do a cold air return for your finished basement project. This application usually...

Ducted Cold Air Return Installation

Sometimes there is not enough room to pipe cold air return in. In this particular case you can use 10” x 3 ¼” or 12” x 3 ¼” duct...

Return from Exterior Wall in Pictures

Sometimes you do not have a choice, but must use an exterior wall for a cold air return in your finished basement. This type of...

Two Cold Air Returns from Interior Wall

On this page, you can learn how to connect a cold air return to the wall that sits directly under the cold air duct and to the wall...

Supply Register Soffit installation

On this page you can find information how to install a supply register directly on the supply duct for your finishing basement project...

Register Installation on Ceiling Tile 

On this page you can find explanation on how to install a register on the ceiling tile. If you will follow my instructions you are going to avoid most of the mistakes, which...

How to Drop Register to Shallow Ceiling

If you have very low basement or you want to build drop (soffit) tight to the duct you may be interested to take a look at this type of installation: List of materials needed...

How to Extend Duct to Floor in M. Room

Some homeowners want to drop a heat down to the basement's floor. So here on this page I would like to explain how to do that. I will show you how to run...

Tapping Two Heats for Finished Basement

On this page, you can learn how to tap into an existing supply duct to add registers in two rooms for your finished basement project. One of the heats was tapped...

Bath Fan Exhaust through Brick Wall

If you are making a bathroom in your finished basement you can’t avoid venting out a bath fan. Running the bath fan exhaust through brick wall gets more questions then any other type of installation.

How to Run Bath Fan Exhaust through Roof

Venting of Two Bathroom Fans

Usually when people finish their basements off they make a bathroom or two, but sometimes in addition to the bathroom, they build a steam room and sauna.In this case, one fan isn't enough and...

Duct Span Removal and Reinstallation

Hello, Ed! I am doing some structural work in my basement and the only way to get in the steel is to take down a span of ductwork, or to cut it. It looks like I can take out the piece I need to, it's about

Tap Takeoff into Duct

In this chapter, I will explain how to tap a Take-off into existing duct and how to do a basement heat run. In order to cut a take-off in you have to:

Ductwork Relocation

People who want to finish their very low ceiling basements must fight for every single inch of it space! Unfortunately, most of the heating...

Re-run of Heat Runs 

On this page, you can find a description of how to re-run a heat run, which is set in the middle of the basement's ceiling and by exterior wall in...

Bathroom Heat

If your bathroom is located somewhere in the middle of your finished basement, you do not need to supply too much air into it. You just need a...

Installation of Combust. Air Intake

This chapter from the Energy Saving Edition book gives a detailed description of the Combustion Air Intake installation, which according to code must be an important element of your HVAC...

Combustion Air Intake in Pictures

For years, I was preaching about high necessity of the combustion air intake, but did not have one installed in my own house. I have both - high efficiency furnace and a water heater and a water heater...

Installation of Fresh  Air Intake 

This chapter from the "Energy Saving Edition" book gives a detailed description of the Fresh Air Intake installation, which according to code must be an important element of your HVAC ductwork system...

Stop Cold Air from Combust. Air Intake

For years, I've heard about these issues related to the combustion air intakes, but never faced it myself before. However, recently I install one in my house and now I joined a legion of people who are...

Closing Supply Registers

The basic idea behind this – you have to close supply vents in the rooms, which you do not use and it will conserve energy, and save money. I tried to do it in my house and I have discovered the fact that if I’m closing all vents...

Closing Cold Air Return Grill 

As everybody knows the cold air sinks down, but the warm air rises up. For example in the summertime, when warm air fills your house you have to run it through A/C coil to cool it down. As your A/C unit picks up warm...

How to Save Energy on Humidifier 

For buildings with a forced-air furnace, a humidifier may be built right into the furnace. They can also protect wooden objects, antiques and other furnishings which may be sensitive to damage from overly dry air...

How to Save Money on Bath Fans 

For the last 20 or so years, the bath fans have been set in the building code and if your house not much older than that most likely that you have a bath fan in every bathroom. Of course, it is very important to have them...

Microwave Kitchen Exhaust

This chapter describes all three cases of the kitchen vents installation: kitchen hood vent, microwave oven hood vent, and Jenn-Air fan vent; explains the roof and wall cap terminations; covers basement and attic ductwork...

Basement Kitchen Hood

On the rare occasion, people who finish their basements off put an additional kitchen. This kitchen as any other may have a microwave hood or kitchen hood and on this page you can learn how to install it. On this page, you can see...

Toe Kick Heat Run Installation

When it comes to the ductwork, kitchen remodeling requires resolving some of the most important issues, which could arise during the remodeling process.
For example:
Bathbox installation/relocation...

How to Cross Break Ductwork

If you are making a transition for a new furnace or any other short piece of duct you may need to learn this simple technique: Take a piece of S-cleat or a folder, as you can see it in the picture, or any straight edge and...

How to Repair Hole in Ductwork

There are many occasions when it is necessary to repair a hole in the sheet metal ductwork or plenum. If you decided to move a register, get rid of old leaking humidifier or relocate a heat run the hole...

Transition from Furnace to Plenum

When it comes to a transition between your new furnace and the old plenum you have to make one side of the future transition straight.
The best way of doing that is to move furnace...

Round to Square Transition

How to Make Pittsburgh Lock Seam

While marking out a 1” extension for the Pittsburgh seam make sure that your measurement is perpendicular to the part’s side (P. 1)
As you can see in P. 2 a 1” extensions must...

How to Do Elbow Adjustment

The elbow, which is a basic part of a jumper, consists of four parts. They are fastened to each other with a special seam. All these four parts can be moved back and forth in relation to each other that allow you to achieve definite purposes at installation...

How to Repair a Broken Elbow

Everyone in this trade considers a broken elbow as a waste. They can collect broken elbows and the other broken fittings and bring them back to the supply house. But if you are a homeowner maybe you don’t want to spend an extra time for unnecessary trip!

How to Make 8x6x8 Tee Guide 

What you are seeing in the picture is an 8”- 8”- 8” tee. This kind of tees could be pretty expensive, because there is no high demand for the fittings like this. Furthermore, if you need different kind of tee, let’s say 8”- 6”- 8”, or 8”- 7”- 8” tees...

How to Take Apart a Galvanized Pipe

Recently I was working in the basement, doing heat runs, and probably I was thinking too much how to improve my website! As a result I put  too many six inch pipes together – nine of them. When the job was done to my surprise I've discovered nine...

How to Increase Humidity in House

Low humidity level is most likely the cause of some pretty significant health issues. The optimal relative humidity level for human comfort and health is anywhere from 30% to 50%.
Here are some of the results of low humidity:
Severe static electricity resulting in...

How to Save on Your Bath Fans

For the last 20 or so years, the bath fans have been set in the building code and if your house not much older than that most likely that you have a bath fan in every bathroom. Of course, it is very important to have them. You can find a lot of information...

How to Save on your Water Heater

If you have this type of Power Shot high efficiency water heater as you can see them in the picture, you actually can save not only some money but even reduce some noise! My first desire when I got this water heater installed was to reduce the noise..

How to Save on your Garage Door

Well, of course you cannot save a lot of energy by insulating the garage door. But if you have the same layout in your house like I have in mine where the garage shares two walls and part of the ceiling with the rest of the house you may save some energy...

How to Work with Rectangular Duct

Learn how to measure, cut and put together a rectangular sheet metal duct the right way.

How to Measure and Cut Pipe

In order to find length of a piece of pipe you should measure a distance between...

How to Put  Pipe Together 

The round pipes’ snap lock seam is designed for easy connection, but sometimes...

How to Crimp Six Inch Pipe

If this is a whole pipe, it is already has a crimp. However, this crimp falls short about...

Oval Stack Extension Trick

Years ago, when exterior walls were built from 2x4-s it was very important to connect an Oval 90*...

How to Open up a Hem Tip

This thing in the photo is a slip-on cap. They use it as a top cap for a plenum. Normally this type of...

How to Hook up a Heat Run Trick

As you can see this heat run is surrounded by joists and 24” x 8” duct will be hung up right under…

How to Make an 8” (12”) Pipe

Have you ever needed a 12" galvanized pipe, or maybe 14”, or 16”? If so you can easily make...

My Sedona Vacation Report

In 2012 I’ve been on vacation in Sedona, AZ.
As you can see in the photos below, this small town has gorgeous terrain, but their stupid traditions of the HVAC rooftop unit installations significantly diminish beauty...

How to Make a Duct Tip

I wouldn’t say it happens daily, but sometimes you have to make a piece of duct.
Of course if you need 8’ or even 4’ of duct it would be better to order it from the shop. But if you need a shorter piece, then just make it...

How to Make Offset Transition

Do you want to know how to make a square to round offset transition just like a sheet metal guy would do? Do you want to know how to make it in a matter of minutes? Do you like this 8”x 8” square to 6” round 4” offset transition…

How to Make a Cone Reducer

For example, let’s make a reducer from 8” round to 6”.
Normally you don’t need to know a precise height of the future reducer, but if you do, you may calculate reducer side's height by using the following formulas:

Microwave Hood Vent Installation Manual

A microwave that you can see in the picture on the left top corner was working in the recirculation mode. Unfortunately it didn't serve the purpose and idea to exhaust it to the outside eventually came to fruition!..

Make Cold Air Duct Looks Straight Trick

As you can see in the picture to the left this duct is sagging down. Of course its not a big deal, but it looks unprofessional... So, what can you do to fix it? Some installers screw an S-cleat right next to the sagging corner, but it...

Cut Holes with Lightning Speed Tip

No, of course it isn't about red aviation offset snips or a hole cutter that you can see in the picture on the left. This tool would make you to cut holes even faster! Don't you want to know what this magic tool is? Great! For the price of only...

How to Make Oval 7" and 8" Templates Tip

I know that many of you do not use templates at all! They just trace take-offs and that's it - done!! But it's wrong, it's sloppy and unprofessional. The holes made this way could be bigger or smaller and if you need to place...

How to Work with Round to Oval 90* Boot Trick

If you are working on heat-runs and using Round to Oval 90* Boots there is no problem if joists are 9" tall. However it isn't always the...

How to Use Sawhorses on Job Site Tips

If you would buy Tips for Residential HVAC Installation book by Larry Gardner (see it on this page on the right) in the Tip 1 he is writing:...

Double Return for Finished Basement Installation in Pics

Learn how to install a double cold air return in your finished basement project in the case if you are using metal studs, thermo-pan and flex...

Hooking up Kitchen Hood Installation in Pictures

On this page you can find a step-by-step guidance that include 9 high quality pictures with brief explanations. The price of this page is only...

How to Save Time on Dampers Inst. Tip

Everyone who is involved in this business knows how to install a damper. But what would you do if in the basement dozens of damper should be installed, what would you do to speed up the...

New Way of Snapping Plenum Together 

The company I'm currently working for is using large 20"(23") x 20" x 60" plenums. Actually to the job-site they deliver two pieces that you can see in the picture and my task is to measure, cut to length,...

How to Line up PVC 90 degrees & 45*-s

Well it's not very difficult to do. Everyone who is running PVC exhausts and intakes for the high efficiency furnaces doing that one way or the other. One would just eyeball it and another would use...

Pulte Homes Cold Air Returns Installations

Pulte Homes is a nationwide home building company and their way of running heat runs and cold air returns differs significantly  from the others. In the Ductwork Installation Guide e-book I alredy...

How to Cut Duct 

Before you cut out a piece of duct you should measure, mark, and then cut. Don't you ever think how to do it a bit faster?...

45* Roof Penetration

Recently, and I'm not kidding, I got this question below:
"how big of hole needed fo 10 inch pipe through 45 degree sheet...

How to Make Elbow

If you would search the web for the tutorial in the title above you may find this video file: ...This is a relatively good video...

Square Throat 45*

Nobody in the big operations companies making any radius fittings anymore! All the fittings such as elbows, offsets, risers...


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Double Return for Finished Basement Installation in Pictures - Learn how to install a double cold air return in your finished basement project in the case if you are using metal studs, thermo-pan and flex.

How to Hook up Kitchen Hood in Remodeling Project Installation in Pictures - Learn how to install a vent for your kitchen hood

Oops! I Set Furnace in Wrong Place - It's a free page where you can learn how to make your customer happy!

Microwave Hood Vent Installation in Pictures - Learn how to install a vent for your microwave hood.

How to Make Square to Round Offset Transition – The easiest and fastest way to make a transition!

Oval Stack Extension Trick – Learn how to extend oval stack to the basement if an installer failed to do it during Rough-in installation.

Ductwork Installation Tips and Tricks 1, 2, 3, 4 – Get useful tips and tricks just for a dollar a piece!

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Car DashBoard Video Camera Vehicle Video Accident Recorder – You should be always protected from baseless accusations in the case of the car accident!

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High Efficiency Water Heater Replacement - Learn how to replace a high eff. water heater on this page.

Mobile Home Furnace & A/C Replacement – Learn how to replace a furnace and air conditioner coil in a mobile home.

Register Installation on Ceiling Tile - Four more pictures added.

Duct Offset and Riser Formula - One more topic (15-th) and 8 pictures added.

Save Energy by Closing Cold Air Return Grills - One of the oldest pages is free now! Read on the page and save! Need an additional cold air return? Learn how to do it on the same page.

Practical Ideas 2 – A new page where you can find two solution for your hot home theater room!

Wall of Ignoramuses - New pics, a video clip and comments added.

Chapter #49 Venting (Ductwork Installation Guide book) - Three more pictures and step-by-step explanations added.

How to Save Energy on Humidifier - This is one of the oldest pages and it's free now! Read on the page and save!

Save Energy by Closing Supply Registers - One of the oldest pages is free now! Read on the page and save!

How to Make Transition from Your New Furnace to Old Plenum with Hand Tools - Learn how to make a plenum transition and/or any transition by using the hand tools only!

As I have indicated above, you can find a solution for your questions, issues or problems on the           pages of this website! Usually customers are finding my website by using numerous questions that described below for additional guidance:
The answers for all these questions and much more can be found on my website! Click on the “Ductwork Installation Guide” page and the “Chapter by Chapter Description of the Contents” page, and find what you are looking for!

How to do furnace and ductwork installation?
How to install downflow furnace?
How to replace plenum, AC and furnace?
Can I install my own furnace and AC?
How to install a furnace?
Where I can find old furnace removal instructions?
How to attach plenum to furnace?
How to make furnace plenum
Furnace service, repairs and efficiency improvement?

You will find all these questions answered in the “Furnace Book” by Paul King on my website. The book is inexpensive, but very, very useful for all. If you would purchase this book on my website, I will provide full support and answer all the questions regarding this installation project! 

How to do sheet metal ducting offsets calculations?
What is riser calculation?
How to calculate offsets in ductwork?
What is air duct riser?

Answers to all this questions you can find here

How to cut and measure ductwork
How to relocate floor supply vent?
How to do duct riser installation?
How to put in ductwork?

How to insulate ductwork in basement?
These kinds of questions, can be answered free of charge! Actually just recently I’ve launched List of Simple Questions pages dedicated to these types of questions!

What is basement "air return"?
How to install basement return?
What is the best placement for basement cold air return?
How to extend ductwork?
Why do I need furnace basement air returns?
How to do cold air return installation?
How do I install cold air returns in my basement?
How do you install home ductwork?
How to install cold air return and how to cut top plate?
How to cut forced air register in wall?
What I have to do for basement finishing ductwork?
How to move a gas vent?
Can I tap into existing HVAC ductwork?

How to do bath fan in basement?
How to insulate ductwork?
How to vent a microwave?
How to install exhaust for stove/oven top?
Moisture control in basement?
How do you clear a clogged a/c condensate line?
How to insulate sheet metal duct?

Answers for all your concerns I have on my website! Some of you have already purchased them.
I have an additional three more places on my website where you can find  answers to your questions: " Finished Basement Edition", “Professionally Answered Questions”, “Installation in Pictures
and “Remodeling Tips”. I have already sold many of those pages and customers were well pleased!

How to eliminate return air noise?
Why is there HVAC ductwork whistling noise?
How you can help me with air duct noise reduction?
Why there is noisy cold air return?
What is noisy heating pipes solution contraction expansion?
Why there is air supply register noise?
How to eliminate ductwork banging or oil canning
How to eliminate cold air return metal noise when walking on floor?
Why am I hearing ticking and pinging sounds inside my house walls?

How to fix tapping and clicking noises inside a wall around ductwork?
What would be cause whistling sound out of air condition duct?
Why my air conditioner ticking
How to fix expanding/contracting ductwork?

For some of these questions you can find answers on the web: on the “Forum” websites, but for some of them not. I’ve already sold many solutions for the elimination of ticking noises and others. So, if you decided to keep looking it's fine, but please feel free to come back on my website at any time!
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